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Amazon Prime Video is the online streaming platform operated by Amazon and included for all subscribe to Amazon Prime, without having to pay an additional subscription. Started quietly given the great competition from Netflix, over the years it has managed to grab more and more exclusive TV series and first-run movies, quickly becoming one of the best services to enjoy a video or to start a new TV series.
If we are new to the service and want to make the most of it in this guide we will show you in detail all the tips and tricks for Amazon Prime Video, so you can replace Netflix without giving up watching good content on the Internet (which is very interesting, especially if we have minors or teenagers in the family).

Tips for Amazon Prime Video

In the following chapters, we have collected all those useful tips that will allow you to use Amazon Prime Video in a way that best suits our needs, moving the vision to the living room or any other TV and how to remove some superfluous features. For those with minors will appreciate the chapter dedicated to parental control, while those who always want the highest quality everywhere will find the chapter on how to adjust the quality of the video interesting.

How to watch Amazon Prime Video on TV (even without the app)

Amazon Prime Video is available as a streaming app on a wide variety of Smart TVs, especially those sold from 2016 onwards: to view content in 4K HDR or FullHD, simply open the integrated store on the TV and search for the Amazon Prime Video app.
Prime TV

As soon as the installation is finished, we press on the app, enter our Amazon credentials, and access all the contents of the service, taking advantage of the huge TV screen.
If we do not find the app in the Smart TV store, we can always open the integrated web browser and reach the Amazon Prime Video website, so that we can still access the contents even without the app.

We don’t have a Smart TV? In this case, we can quickly integrate Amazon Prime Video as a streaming service by purchasing the Fire TV Stick or the Chromecast.

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How to change the language of the movie or TV series

Changing the language of a movie or TV series on Amazon Prime Video is really very simple! To proceed, let’s go to the service site (after logging in), click on any of the contents offered, and, after starting the player, press the cartoon icon at the top right.
Video language

We can choose any of the supported languages ​​in the section Audio and, if we want to add subtitles (very useful for learning a language), just select one of the languages ​​offered in the section Subtitles.

How to remove the autoplay

At the end of the playback of a TV series, we will be offered the possibility to continue watching automatically, without pressing anything: after 10 seconds we will see the next episode of the chosen series start. To avoid the autoplay we will have to act quickly on the remote control or on the keyboard by pressing the Back key, but for convenience we can also completely disable the autoplay by taking us to the Amazon Prime Video site, logging in with our account, pressing at the top of right on the little man icon, opening the menu Accounts and settings and finally clicking on the menu Reproduction.

On the page that opens, simply click on the item Deactivate, so as to put an end to the autoplay and consciously choose whether to continue viewing or not.

How to eliminate “keep watching”

If we start watching a movie or episode of the TV series even for a few seconds, it will appear in the home section Keep watching, ready to play from where we left off. This behavior is very useful for those who often stop watching to do something else but risk finding ourselves with unwanted content to view, perhaps opened by mistake or that we have abandoned after a few minutes of viewing.
To remove the “half-watched” content that we have no intention of resuming, go to the Amazon Prime Video website, press the man at the top right and take the path Account and Settings -> Viewing History.
Continue video

All recently viewed episodes and movies will appear on the screen; to remove just press on the X, next to the partially viewed content.

How to activate parental control

Also on Amazon Prime Video, there are contents not suitable for minors due to violence, unsuitable language, and topics that are difficult to explain to a child, so it is advisable to immediately learn to use the parental control included in the service.
To activate it, let’s go to the Amazon Prime Video site, always press on the little man at the top right and take us along the path Accounts and Settings -> Parental Control. First, we set the personal unlock PIN, entering it in the appropriate field at the top and pressing the key Save; after setting the PIN we can use it to limit purchases on the platform and to set the content filter based on age (the more we focus on a low age, the more content will be filtered).
Parental control

The change will affect all devices on which we have logged in with the same Prime account; if we want to exclude some device that only us surely use, scroll down the page to the list of associated devices and remove the checkmark from the “adult” device (ie the one that can see everything without limits).
If the unlocked device is a smartphone or tablet, we recommend that you set an effective screen lock, as seen in our guides Smartphone protection and safer screen unlock for Android is More secure screen unlock for iPhone.


Amazon Prime Video can easily replace the Netflix subscription for watching streaming content even if obviously we will not find the same TV series or movies that we expect from the competing platform.
With this valuable advice we have helped you to use the service in a much more complete way, by correcting or intervening on some features that can make some users turn up their noses.

To learn more about this platform, we recommend reading our guides to Movies and TV Series on Amazon Video, free for Prime subscribers and, if we use the Fire TV Stick, like Optimize the Fire Stick for fast video streaming to the TV.


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