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Amazon Prime Video, user guide

Amazon Prime Video it is Amazon’s service for it streaming of TV series, films and to be able to watch live TV programs. It is a solution particularly loved by web users due to the richness of the contents, the quality of the reproduction and the ease of use.

Prime Video, along with Netflix, Disney Plus and other services, is among the main on-demand streaming solutions which can be accessed. To view the contents you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime. Let’s find out how it works, the catalog and how to use it.

  • 0. Amazon Prime Video, what is it

    amazon prime video

    Amazon Prime Video is one of the video on demand streaming services best known and most used in the world. It is owned by Amazon, which launched it on the market in September 2006 under the name Amazon Unbox. In 2008 it took the name Amazon Video on Demand, further modified in 2011 with Amazon Instant Video.

    The name by which the service is currently known was released in 2014 and has not been changed since. The boom in registrations and an expansion of the audience arrived in 2012, thanks to the spread of Amazon Prime Video in over 200 countries world, among which were the United States of America, Europe, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, India and many others.

    The following year, Amazon Prime Video was included in the services available access by subscribing to Amazon’s Prime plan, which gives access to numerous benefits. Among these are fast shipping within 24 hours in unlimited quantities on thousands and thousands of products, both Amazon branded and other brands.

    With the Amazon Prime account, yes can also access Amazon Music and listen to all the most popular music and podcasts, at Amazon Reading, to read hundreds the eBook Kindle and buy e-books at great prices, at Prime Gaming, to get in-game content every month at no additional cost and exclusive rewards, to view flash offers in advance and get unlimited photo storage space.

    To access Prime Video you need to be subscribed to Amazon Prime, a paid plan for Amazon customers that guarantees them numerous advantages

    The cost of an Amazon Prime subscription is equal to 49.90 euros per year or, alternatively, 4.99 euros per month. You can access 30 day free trial, after which Amazon automatically continues to confirm the registration by charging the annual cost. You can cancel your registration at any time you see fit.

    Students can have access to more benefits con Prime Student. You do not pay for the first 90 days, considered a trial period, after which the cost to be paid amounts to 24.95 euros per year or 2.49 euros per month.

    With Amazon Prime Video you can also use it Prime Video Channelsa special service that allows Prime members to watch others specialized and premium channels without having to download third-party applications. To be able to watch more films, you can opt for those available for rental or that can be purchased. In the latter case it is not necessary to be a Prime member.

    Amazon Prime Video can be used at any time and any place. It is sufficient to have access to a sufficiently stable Internet connection and connect to the official website of the service with your credentials or download the Prime Video application on iPhone, Fire tablets, devices supported by the Android operating system, Blu-ray players, video game consoles , multimedia devices for streaming and various smart TV models.

    Con the X-Ray function you can watch films and TV series in a more conscious way and receive the information you may need in real time. It allows you to identify actors and songs, read the biographies of the protagonists and the entire cast and curiosities about the work.

    Amazon Prime Video it is suitable for the whole family. The available catalog is very large and varied and the service can be used simultaneously on a maximum of three devices.

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  • 1. How to register for Amazon Prime Video and set up the service

    amazon prime video

    To register for Prime Video you need to sign up to Amazon and subscribe to Amazon Prime. You need to connect to the official Amazon website and click Account liste and, subsequently, choose Start here alongside the voice ‘New client?’.

    Fill in all the fields indicated and verify the contact entered (mobile number or email) using the code you receive. At this point you are signed up to Amazon, but to use Prime Video you need to sign up for the subscription.

    Subscribing to Amazon Prime guarantees access to Amazon Prime Video and the viewing of most of the contents in the catalog

    In the Prime area, click Subscribe now. Indicate a payment method to use at the end of the 30 day trial. You can select a gift card, a voucher and promotional code, a credit or debit card or a checking account.

    Once you sign up for Amazon Prime you can access Amazon Video with your Amazon credentials and start viewing the contents. If you log in with a mobile device you may need to register it by entering the code sent by Amazon or scanning a QR code.

    Prime Video is available in several languages. By accessing the Personal Area or the Account and Settings page if you access from the website, you can change the language.

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  • 2. How to watch Amazon Prime Video content on different devices and their management

    amazon prime video

    To watch Amazon Prime Video content on different devices, simply log in with your credentials. The number of usable ones is not limited, however the platform registers each device used.

    After registration you can continue viewing the contents present in the Amazon Prime Video catalogue, but with limitations. Simultaneous viewing is only allowed on three devices with the same account and it is not possible to watch the same title on more than one device at the same time.

    In order to overcome this problem, the only solution is to download content and watch it in offline mode.

    It’s possible manage all devices in use and remove those that are no longer used. To do this, simply log in to Prime Video with your credentials, select the primary profile authorized to make changes and go to the Account and Settings area.

    Deregistering a device results in its disconnection from Prime Video; therefore, you will need to log in again if you want to use it again

    Here you can make all of them the customizations deemed appropriate, intervene on the payment method, display language, restrictions and much more. By clicking on My devices you can view the list of those already registered and, by clicking Register new device, add new ones.

    For each registered device comes the registration date is also indicated, the type of device it is and whether it uses the official Prime Video application. The button is located next to the device name Cancel Registration.

    Once clicked on Cancel Registration you will need to confirm your wish by clicking Confirm cancellation. It may take a few minutes for the My Devices page to refresh after enrolling or unregistering your device.

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  • 3. How to manage profiles on Amazon Prime Video

    amazon prime video catalogue

    Every family member who has access to Prime Video can create your own profile, up to a maximum of six users. One profile is considered the main one, while the others are additional and can be intended for both adults and children.

    Having a personal profile means being able manage contents separatelyreceive personalized recommendations based on your tastes and your activity on the platform, have control over the episodes and films you have already seen, create lists and much more.

    Children can take advantage of a special profilethe profile Bambino, which only allows viewing of suitable films and TV series and does not allow purchases on the platform. Child profiles that are not used for more than 18 months are automatically deleted.

    The profiles are currently supported and usable on the application for mobile devices supported by iOS or Android operating systemsthe Web site of Prime Video, the application on Fire TV and some video game console.

    Having your own profile on Amazon Video increases satisfaction and allows you to receive relevant and useful suggestions

    Profiles can be created both from the site and from the application. Each of these it has a name e a customizable icon, which can be chosen from those proposed. To remove a profile or modify it, a pin can be set by the account holder which will be requested at every intervention and every change.

    Through the pin you can also disable and enable limitations of purchase for other profiles and limit the creation of profiles.

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