Amazon Q, generative model that learns from company data. What it is and how it works

Amazon Q, generative model that learns from company data.  What it is and how it works

The challenge for the development of generative models capable of automatically extending their respective knowledge by drawing on each company’s data, is becoming increasingly tight. Amazon Q brings generative artificial intelligence into any business environment: it adapts to the corporate environment and can be integrated with external cloud services come Amazon S3, Dropbox, Confluence, Google Drive, Microsoft 365 e Salesforce.

According to the technicians of the company chaired by Jeff Bezos, Amazon Q is able not only to leverage the knowledge base corporate to compose and provide timely and detailed answers but can generate extremely accurate code.

Amazon Q breaks the eggs in the basket at GitHub Copilot Workspace

It is no coincidence that the announcement of the availability of Amazon Q occurred almost simultaneously with the launch of GitHub Copilot Workspace. According to the company led by Andy Jassy, ​​in fact, the new Amazon Q does not limit itself to assisting developers in code generation but it has multi-step planning and inference capabilities to test, debug, transform and implement new code in line with the imposed requirements. The system also learns from data and data business workflowsallowing employees to ask questions regarding business, code, personnel information and logistics.

In general, the solution just revealed by Amazon (a preview was provided at the end of November 2023) organizes company data and learn based on information provided by connected apps. Through a simple chat conversation, via natural language, Amazon Q can perform the required operations. Here is the presentation published on YouTube.

Avoid boring and repetitive tasks

We said that Amazon Q provides assistance in writing code and in the application testing phases. However, it can be used for security scan and problem solving.

For example, the platform allows you to list risorse AWS to check the necessary computing power. It also supports the use of AI agents that automatically perform tasks such as software updates and code documentation.

Amazon points out that developers today spend only 30% of their time writing code; the rest is spent performing boring and repetitive tasks. Thanks to the features integrated into Amazon Q, the goal is to reduce the time the programmer dedicates to activities that do not directly have to do with the coding. Unique experiences can thus be created for end users, also promoting faster application distribution. Streamlining the entire DevSecOps cycle, we say.

Amazon Q Apps Creator

It is possible to program even without experience

Aligning with the trend of competing services, the company explains that with Amazon Q Apps even employees with no programming experience can create effective applications using generative AI. Simply describe the required app information in natural language and AI will produce quickly an app that performs the desired task. A great advantage for all companies that need to simplify and automate their daily work.

For our part, differently from what was supported for example by Jensen Huang (NVIDIA), we continue to maintain that learning to program remains indispensable, even and especially now that the developer’s workflow can become lighter and faster thanks to the most advanced generative models . However, one must be well aware of the generated code by AI, without ever taking anything for granted.

So allow us to turn up our noses when it is claimed that a tool can help you program anything without having any knowledge.

The CEO of Amazon, Andy Jassyrevealed that Amazon Q has been adopted by companies such as Brightcove, British Telecom, Datadog, GitLab, GoDaddy, National Australia Bank, NCS, Netsmart, Slalom, Smartsheet, Sun Life, Tata Consultancy Services, Toyota and Wiz.

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