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Amazon returns, what happens and how the refund works

Amazon is considered one of the most reliable sites on which to shop online and the reasons are soon explained. In addition to offering fast and always punctual deliveries, detailed information on the items and how to ship the goods, guarantees the possibility of making returns and obtaining a refund on almost all items in the catalogue. An Amazon return is fast and simple to carry out: just a few steps are enough to remedy an error in evaluation or a purchase that did not meet your expectations.

Amazon returns they are free and can be done in a few hours and, in most cases, it is not even necessary to print the label to give to the courier. Let’s find out all the methods and what you get when an Amazon return is made.

Amazon returns, what happens to items after they are returned

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What happens to the item after it is returned to Amazon? There are many answers and it all depends on the type of item purchased, to whom it was resold and under what conditions. In many cases they return to the original sellerpassing through Amazon warehouses.

Here the staff in charge of the returns area opens the package containing the return, inspects the item and prepares it again to send it to the official seller. It is a process that can be highly burdensome for the retailer and which produces a greater amount of pollution.

Not all inspections are created the same. Depending on the product category, professionals can dedicate more or less time and attention. There are items for which criminals attempt to defraud the company more frequently and for which a greater loss could be incurred.

The Amazon system try to speed up the issuing of refunds for returns and to optimize the process to reduce the workload. Some products are inspected quickly or not inspected, while returns from accounts that return items frequently may undergo more thorough inspections.

If the returned item is suitable for sale, it may be returned to the catalogue. Often these products are placed in a special section of Amazon, Amazon Second Hand (or Warehouse). Some returns end up at auction or are liquidated. It is one of the solutions that the company has found to dispose of products and allow retailers to recover a percentage of the sale.

One of the fates that could fall to returned items is that of disposal. It happens when the product is in poor condition or unusable. Amazon’s goal is to reduce and even eliminate disposed of items to have less impact on the environment. Finally, Amazon donates some returns from third-party sellers in charity to non-profit organizations.

How to return an item to Amazon and get a refund

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According to Amazon’s return policy, you can make areturned within 30 days from the delivery date. Return options may change based on the type of item, reason for return, and the seller of the item.

It can be returned a damaged, defective item different from that described on the sales page, non-compliant or simply if you have reconsidered your purchase. Gifts can also be returned by carrying out the actions in a special section called Return gift.

The return can be initiated from the section my orders, selecting the item you want to return and choosing an option from those proposed in the return reasons. Select the refund method and follow the instructions indicated on the portal. Pack the product e deliver it to the courier.

When you return an item you will receive a refund, the amount and method of which may vary depending on some factors. You return a product that is damaged, defective, non-compliant or for reasons of responsibility of Amazon or the seller, the full cost of the item is refunded and any shipping costs.

Then, Amazon reserves the right to check the items. If the reason for the return indicated does not exist, you may decide to charge the cost of shipping and the item itself. Within 14 days of delivery you can take advantage of the right of withdrawal, which allows you to obtain a full refund.

The refund will be issued to the payment method that was used during the purchase. In some cases it can be accessed to immediate refund.

Amazon returns, which items cannot be returned

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There are some items for which returns cannot be made Amazon. These include all products classified as dangerous or that use flammable liquids or gases. Returns cannot be obtained after 30 days from delivery

With the exception of defective products, laptops, desktops, Kindles and other devices for which the warranty must be invoked cannot be returned. Returns are not permitted, with the exception of defective products for i digital contenti (for example e-books), audiovisual products and software, CDs, DVDs, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, personalized items, items sealed for hygiene reasons, prepaid cards and Amazon gift cards.

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