Amazon updates Alexa with generative AI, but not for everyone

As time goes by theartificial intelligence has become fundamental in the lives of users who use electronic devices. Closely related to this area are voice assistants, which are very useful especially for adults. With Alexa for example, it is very simple to set an alarm, a reminder, play your favorite music or perhaps query the weather conditions, all with a simple command given by voice.

Even children are actually having more and more to do with Amazon’s famous voice assistant. In fact, he will be able to arrive at a new experience based on generative artificial intelligence, called in this case “Explore“. With this new update Alexa will be able to dedicate itself more to entertainment but also to the growth of the little ones.

Amazon introduces Explore for Alexa, here is generative artificial intelligence for children

There was already a lot of talk about this new feature last September. But what are the user groups for which it is available? Premium service subscribers only Amazon Kids Plus may have the new Explore feature available. This means that it is currently only available in some countries.

In essence, when a child asks Alexa some very specific topics such as those relating to animals, the artificial intelligence will take care of responding with facts and curiosities coming from safe sources.

Each response will be structured to encourage the child to continue asking more questions about the topic. In fact, Alexa will be able to ask children if they want to hear further details or more specific facts.

The way Amazon’s famous voice assistant behaves will also change. It will be much more colloquial and will use more current words and concepts. In order to guarantee a first-class experience, Amazon has chosen to introduce its linguistic model based on generative artificial intelligence so as to obtain the desired effect. The company will work to offer adults the ability to personalize this new experience.


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