AMD breaks through in the server, desktop and notebook market: updated data

AMD breaks through in the server, desktop and notebook market: updated data

The main analysts are highlighting clear signs of recovery in the IT market and, in general, in the semiconductor sector. Second Mercury Researchwhich just shared its updated data AMD recorded extremely flattering results in all segments taken into consideration.

Suffice it to say that in the profitable market of serverthe company led by Lisa Su is credited with a +5% on an annual basis while the growth on the sales side sistemi client overall (both desktop and laptop) it stands at an encouraging +3.1%. The leap forward is more marked, obviously, in the case of portable and in general of mobile devices that use AMD technology (+3.9%). More content about PC desktop traditional ones which stop at a growth of +1.2%, still positive.

It’s the processors EPYC fourth generation ei Ryzen series 7000 to have represented the “winning combination” for AMD which looks with enthusiasm to the near future.

Difference between unit share e revenue share

Mercury Research presents two distinct ways to measure AMD’s presence in the market, speaking both of unit share what about revenue share. The first value represents the percentage of physical units sold compared to the market total. In the case of AMD, the “unit share” is calculated on the basis of chips sold (in this specific case, during the fourth quarter of 2023).

Con “revenue share“, instead, represents the percentage of total revenues generated by AMD compared to the total market. This measure takes into account the economic value of sales rather than individual units. In the case of AMD, the “revenue share” is higher than “unit share” in the case of system serverindicating that AMD is focusing its attention on premium products with high profit margin.

AMD processor market shares

Fonte dell’immagine: Mercury Research

How much is AMD growing compared to its rival Intel

The market shares Intel’s prerogative are still far away but AMD has achieved significant growth in recent years. For the first time, in fact, the Sunnyvale company has broken through the 30% mark in terms of revenue share in the server market, reaching a robust 31.1%.

In terms of units sold in the market consumer (unit share), AMD captures 20.2% of the global market (15.4% in terms of overall revenues).

It must be said however, that the future looks bright. 2023 proved, as expected, to be a rather complex year for hardware manufacturers, including vendor of memories. However, we are looking at 2024 with greater optimism.

This year will be remembered for the introduction of PC AI that is, systems which, due to their hardware specifications, are suitable for managing tasks and processing based on artificial intelligence in a local context. It is not known whether Microsoft is really oriented towards launching Windows 12: Qualcomm recently referred to the release of the new version of Windows in the middle of the year.

AI PCs will be equipped with at least 16 GB of RAM and will have a NPU (Neural Processing Unit) dedicated to workloads related to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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