Amplify your home Wi-Fi and extend wireless reception

The most convenient ways to boost Wi-Fi network coverage at home to improve internet reception and surf faster

Powerful home Wi-Fi Wi-Fi is essential in a modern home, as it allows you to connect all everyday devices without using a cable. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi could also become one of the most “frustrating” components: very low speed, a connection that comes and goes or even absent in certain points of the home.

Amplify your home Wi-Fi it means to have one better reception and to extend the signal in all rooms. In addition to some technical measures, it is possible and even advisable, if this is the need, to purchase network devices that can be used to increase the diffusion of the signal.

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1) Use newer Wi-Fi technologies

One of the best ways to ensure your network is as fast and reliable as possible is to use new, updated hardware. If there are numerous disconnections and you don’t really understand why, it’s not surprising if the router you use is now ruined and needs to be thrown away. Unfortunately, over time, a router can break and cause intermittency.

The latest wireless technology is Wi-Fi 6E, but we can also take advantage of Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5, since they all work on the same frequencies (5 GHz or higher); the modems also offer Wi-Fi 4 for compatibility with older devices or for home automation.

The use of various types of networks will allow us to receive devices close to the modem/router quickly and without interference and to connect devices further away without problems.

The best routers we can buy with the latest technologies are the TP-Link Mercusys MR60X AX1500Mbpsil TP-Link Archer AX55 Dual-Band AX3000Mbps and the inevitable AVM Box 7530 Ax Edition International.

These routers can be used with any type of landline, that’ll do connect them in cascade to the modem provided by the operator.

In the article on which Wi-Fi router to buy for your wireless home network we have collected other router models to buy in order to take advantage of both recommended protocols.

2) Position the router

If you want the signal to be amplified and boosted as much as possible, the router should be placed in one space free from electromagnetic devices (at least 3-4 meters) e placed as high as possible. You then need to point the antennas vertically (if available) and turn it until you find the perfect position to cover the entire house.

To be able to carry out measurements and check interference with nearby networks we can use some of the apps dedicated to the purpose, such as Wifi Analyzer (Android) o Network Analyzer (iPhone).

On the same topic we can read the guides on how to find dead zones in your home Wi-Fi signal and eliminate them come on how to create a Wi-Fi network map to find out where the signal gets best.

3) Secure your Wi-Fi network

Even if the router has a password it can be really easy to hack, especially if we use simple passwords or ones with less than 8 characters. There are many ways to find out if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi networkbut the best thing to do is simply protect it by using a strong password, using the WPA3 algorithm and turning off WPS; the latter, although convenient, can be easily hacked to access our network undisturbed.

In this regard, we invite you to read our guides to differences between WPA, WPA2 and WPA3 in Wi-Fi security and how how to set up a wifi router.

4) Reuse an old router

To extend the wireless signal we can also use an old routerconverting it into a repeater to bring the signal even to rooms where it reaches with difficulty.

To succeed in this we recommend you read our guides for configure an access point as a repeater or the guide on how connect two wireless routers in the network to increase the Wifi signal.

5) Use Wi-Fi repeaters

A more convenient solution for amplifying home Wi-Fi is to use a Wi-Fi repeater, i.e. a device that takes the signal from the router and extends it towards the room where nothing reaches it.

The best classic Wi-Fi repeaters that we can buy are the Xiaomi Mi Wi Fi Range Extender Ac 1200 and the TP-Link RE330 WiFi Repeater.

If we are instead looking for Wi-Fi 6 repeaters we can take a look at Tenda A23 WiFi Repeater 6 AX1500al TP-Link RE700X WiFi Repeater 6 e all’AVM FRITZ!Repeater 1200 AX Edition International.

These devices connect to the original Wi-Fi network (at a point where it still works well) and in turn create a new Wi-Fi network with a name very similar to the original, with the addition of the EXT suffix. The repeater password is the same as the main Wi-Fi network, so we can easily access it even from parts of the house that are too far away to obtain good speed.

On this topic we refer you to reading our guide on how does the wifi repeater or “Range Extender” work and which one to buy.

6) Use Powerline Wi-Fi

If even repeaters cannot adequately amplify the wireless network, we can use the electrical sockets at home to carry the signal and thus create a much more efficient Wi-Fi repeater, taking advantage of the new Wi-Fi Powerlines.

These devices connect to the main router via Ethernet and spread the Internet signal through the home sockets, which can then be used as “hidden cables”, without interfering with classic household appliances: once the other Powerline adapter has been placed in the room without coverage, we will be able to both connect a PC via Ethernet cable and take advantage of the Wi-Fi network created by the adapterso as to surf at high speed even if the router is very far away (the only precaution is that the adapters must be connected to two electrical sockets on the same meter).

The best Powerline Wi-Fi that we can use are the Tenda PH10 Kit Powerline WiFi and the TP-Link TL-WPA1000 Kit Powerline.

If we are looking for the latest generation Powerline Wi-Fi technology we must take into consideration the TP-Link PGW2440 KIT Powerline Passante G.hn2400, AX1800Mbps WiFi 6.

To learn more about Powerline, we invite you to read our guide on How Powerline works, secrets and limits.

7) Optimize and increase PC speed

If you use Windows on the computers with which you browse the web, there are some tricks to improve data transmission that we have explained in the articles below:

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For further information we can read the guide to Best WiFi adapters for PC, for faster connections.


Today it is no longer necessary to buy a powerful modem with 10 antennas to cover the whole house! We can use the modem provided by the operator to manage the Internet connectionjoin us with a personal router with the latest technologies e use Wi-Fi repeaters or Powerline Wi-Fi to cover every corner of the house, including the largest apartments.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to increase video streaming speed to maximum come on how to get faster connection.

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