An 18-year-old student creates a monitor that reduces eye strain

L’eye strain when you look at a monitor or screen of an electronic device it can depend on several factors. One of the main causes of this phenomenon, which directly impacts the physical well-being of each user, is the blue light emitted from the display. The presence of reflections on the screen or bright ambient light can put extra strain on your eyes. The use of screens a low resolution with visible pixels can make it difficult to focus as well as prolonged exposure without pauses to activities with monitors, smartphones, tablets and so on.

In the article in which we talk about how to solve the problem of tired eyes, we mentioned as aspects to evaluate, for example, the positioning and ergonomics, the brightness of the screen and the chosen theme (the dark one can certainly cause problems for those suffer from astigmatism).

Success for the Eazeye monitor backlit with natural light, to solve the problem of eye strain

Over the course of his schoolwork, 18-year-old Louis Huang suffered significant eye strain as well as sleep disorders. Symptoms due to the many hours spent in front of the screen of his desktop computer.

Failing to locate the best PC monitor that would allow him to dim his vision problems, Huang decided to sit down and build his own. Thus the idea of ​​was born Eazeye, a monitor that uses natural light as a tool to backlight the panel. There ambient light allows you to reduce the effects of glare ensuring a more comfortable visual experience.

Eazeye, monitor that combats eye strain

Eazeye improves the concept of reflective LCD

Huang did not invent the concept of ED or “reflective LCD”. However, it found a solution to reflect ambient light allowing the monitor to be used even in dimly lit or dark environments.

The Eazeye monitor looks very similar to the ones we all know and use on our desks. Unlike other products, however, it opens like a shell. The backlight system present on classic monitors is replaced with a brilliant carbon fiber panel white that can tilt backwards up to 45 degrees. The panel bounces ambient light from the surrounding environment towards the LCD screen which, under the right lighting conditions, provides an adequate result for normal use.

However, there is a series of LED which act as an accessory lighting source, which can be activated if the readability of the monitor is not sufficient. Resting only on the carbon fiber rear panel, the device consumes the 10% electricity compared to traditional devices.

The young man’s idea dates back to 2022 and Huang was able to consult with a series of experts in LCD technologies to verify the feasibility of his project. Once it was clear that Huang’s proposal was feasible, his parents took steps to finance the venture, resulting in the creation of a successful prototype. A further fundraising campaign has just begun on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo and has reached its primary objective in less than 24 hours.

Monitor against eye strain: how it works

Does it really work?

The young student’s idea has piqued the interest of many: the approach is simple and presents a LED strip backup that can be activated to illuminate the screen with a traditional approach. Can the monitor backlit with natural light, however, really work?

The experience of using Eazeye is comparable to watching a display E-paper. Like a chameleon, Eazeye’s display adapts to any lighting environment. It goes without saying, however, that Eazeye is designed for kids well-lit environments: Can work well in front of a window or under direct light from a lamp or chandelier. It is not and cannot be considered a solution for every environment and every occasion.


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