An iOS exploit allows you to use animated icons: video

An iOS exploit allows you to use animated icons: video


Apple has been allowing developers to provide for some time now icone alternative for their applications, so as to allow users to change them as they wish. There is a however: the only icons to be animate they are those of Clock and Calendar, two system applications provided by Apple. For all the others, whether from the Cupertino company or third parties, you have to settle for static icons. Or maybe not?

Dynamic icons on iOS? Yes, thanks to an operating system exploit

Researcher Bryce Bostwick recently discovered a exploit of iOS which cancels what was written above and which, consequently, allows you to use dynamic icons. Specifically, the exploit uses the system’s official API to provide alternative icons but bypasses the requirement for manual user action. In a typical scenario, the user is shown a warning to confirm or cancel the change. Without verification, the action is automatically canceled.

Bostwick, as he reveals in his latest video, managed to set custom icons without requiring confirmation from the user. But how did he do it? Practically, he cheated the system making the app appear active even when it is actually running in the background. In this way, the app can automatically change the icon in the background whenever it wants, without user intervention obviously.

There is no doubt that Apple would reject any application with this feature, also because it uses an exploit for unauthorized modification of icons it may also experience malfunctions of the entire operating system.

However, it would be useful, and also pleasant from a purely aesthetic point of view, to have applications that animate to show a notification. Like those for instant messaging or for managing email, for example.

What if this was one of the new features of iOS 18? It is the first time that dynamic icons have been talked about, but recently an indiscretion has arrived according to which Apple will allow greater customization of the Home screen with iOS 18. Also and above all through freer management of icons.

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