Android 14, a fundamental function disappears from the home screen: furious users

The wait was long but it was finally paid off. Android 14 it is slowly arriving on all devices that were part of the update list.

Before users installed this latest version on their phones, there was a link that could help them take a quick look at the notifications of apps by simply long-pressing oneicon of an app on the home screen.

This allowed a single notification to be displayed on the display with a counter at the top right useful for alerting the user to the possible presence of multiple notifications. In this way, by touching the link in question directly on the home page, you could take a look at everything that had happened during any period of inactivity.

The discussion goes to the past simply because all this no longer exists. Now, with Android 14, by holding down a certain application on the home screen, that shortcut has disappeared, and probably permanently.

Android 14 disappoints users, long press no longer shows unread notifications

Android 14, a fundamental icon disappears from the home screen: furious users

The removal of this very useful feature was first noticed when Google was releasing the beta versions of Android 14. After the release of the stable version of the operating system starting in October, more and more users noticed that the aforementioned feature was missing . Since then, many complaints have arrived.

As you can see in the images, on the left you can see what happened on the previous version when you held down an application icon. On the right, however, you can see what is happening now, that is, the appearance of the usual two voices. These simply involve the shortcut to go to all applications and to open that application’s information.

Google would have responded to some users who would have forwarded complaints confirming that the feature it was removed with the latest update. Anyone who thought it was a bug will have to think again: this function will probably no longer exist.


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