Android 15, Dark Mode will be available for all apps

Android 15, Dark Mode will be available for all apps

Spend time and attention towards the arrival of Android 15 is increasing more and more among users. This version of the operating system, although still in the initial beta phase, is already proving that it can guarantee some very interesting features.

Especially when it comes to changing the user interface by offering users more than what version 14 currently offers, the new release will not hold back. According to what has been reported, some sources have reported a possibility never seen before: this will give users the opportunity to force the Dark Mode on all apps on your device, even if the app doesn’t support it as standard.

Dark Mode on all apps with Android 15, the new feature revealed in the beta

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For those who don’t know what Dark Mode is, it is a mode that makes the interface of the operating system and the applications that support it totally dark, with backgrounds colored black. Very often users set their Android smartphone to this mode during the dark hours of the day, with the aim of not being disturbed by the brightness of the display.

For many people, in fact, Dark Mode, or dark mode, has become an indispensable feature. It allows for a significantly more comfortable viewing experience in dimly lit environments and offers a very welcome solution: increased battery life. In fact, Dark Mode allows you to limit the lighting potential of the display, consequently resulting in lower consumption.

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However, not all Android applications have chosen to support Dark Mode. Users therefore find themselves with some apps that go dark when requested and others that do not comply with this choice. So with Android 15 the situation changes: as seen in the latest beta version, there is a setting called “override force-dark“, the one that allows you to to force dark mode.

At least for the moment, although the improvement is very significant, there are still some aspects to fix. Some applications forced into Dark Mode display confusing colors and often some text that is unreadable. There will still be work to do but it seems that with Android 15 it will be the right time.

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