Android 15, here’s when the first Developer Preview arrives

Android 15, here's when the first Developer Preview arrives

Although users are very satisfied with what they have seen lately, Google seems a little late with the release of the first Developer Preview of Android 15. Apparently, however, the American company has no intention of making the public wait much longer.

As first noticed by some very reliable sources, a comment popped up on the web from a developer about the project Android Open Sourcesays the first developer preview will arrive on February 15or tomorrow.

Is Android 15 approaching for Pixel devices? The first rumors seem convincing

Although there is much amazement regarding the statements released by the Google developer on the web, this is absolutely not an official confirmation. The first preview of Android 15 will be released tomorrow according to rumors, but it seems more likely that this will not be the case.

After all, the latest Android Easter Egg suggested that Android 15 was on its way. What we saw last year revives the positive hypotheses a bit: the first developer version of Android 14 arrived onFebruary 8 of last year. In this regard, the time may finally have come to release the first developer beta of the next version of the operating system.

Returning to the revelations of the Google developer, it refers to Android 15 as Android Vwhich it should represent Vanilla Ice Cream. This is the code name of the fifteenth version of the green robot’s OS. But now comes the good part, or rather the usual part: just the devices Pixel eligible will be able to download the first Android 15 Developer Preview. Judging by the now usual policy regarding Google updates, we will start from Pixel 6 forward.

The highly anticipated update will be aimed at developers, so you won’t have complete feedback right away and there will be plenty of bugs to put up with. Maybe it’s still early, but something is starting to move.

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