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Android, 5 tips for renewing your smartphone

One smartphone Android may be several years old system updates e security patches guaranteed but, in the long run, someone might want to try “new experiences” and renew your phone but, clearly, without buying a new one.

And this is precisely the beauty of the operating system Google: the user’s ability to personalize it as he sees fit, completely distorting the look and functionality if needed a user experience completely renovated.

Let’s find out how to do it.

  • 1. Use a new Launcher for your Home screen

    Among the options for “refreshing” your Android smartphone, there is the possibility of download a new one launcher to customize the user experience and change the device interface.

    Each manufacturer has its own default launcher but on the Google Play Store There are many alternative solutions (almost always free) which can completely renew the design of the Home screen.

    Among the most famous there is Nova Launchera highly user-configurable program that has a very large number of functions within it, which can be further expanded by purchasing the paid version.

    The user will be able to change the access method to the device menu, the iconsthe dimensionsthe color combinationsi quick gestures and much more and all in a simple and intuitive way.

    In addition to Nova Launcher, there are hundreds of similar programs, all more or less valid, the suggestion in this sense is to try more than one and ultimately choose the one most in line with your personal taste.

  • 2. Changing Android icons

    A fundamental component of any graphical interface they are, obviously the icons.

    Clearly, this discussion also applies to Android and this is why users will be able to decide to renew them by downloading one of the numerous icon pack available on the store.

    The possibilities are truly many and changing icons is really simple, especially if you already use a third-party launcher that also allows you to use other icon packs.

    Furthermore, some devices such as i Samsung Galaxyi Google Pixel or him Xiaomi by default they already allow you to modify the device icons, downloading them from the official application and managing a large variety of settings, from colors to the background and much more.

    Even in this case the possibilities are truly endless and the user just has to get to work and try different icon packs, ultimately choosing the one he prefers.

  • 3. Change the wallpaper or theme

    Trivially change the background o the theme of one’s own smartphone Android it is a way to renew the design and ensure that you always have a “new” and different device.

    Also in this sense the possibilities are truly many and, in addition to the themes present on the Google Play Store and inThemes applicationit is possible too use custom photos to be combined with icons, colors and settings suitable for any context.

    The user will practically have free reign to better manage their device and make it as close as possible to their personal taste, all it takes is a little creativity and in a few simple taps you can have a “new device” whenever you want.

  • 4. Purchase a new case

    Of course, when it comes to design we are not referring only to the aspect of the operating system but, as is well known, also to the appearance of the phone itself.

    To do this, all you need to do is go to one of the many cover shops and buy a new one, in order to improve the aesthetics of the smartphone and, if desired, also match it to your look.

    Many companies also offer the possibility of customize your own cover with personal photos in order to make your smartphone unique, here too once you have chosen the image all that remains is to send it to the service provider who will create a photo in a very short time cover tailor-made, one of a kind.

    It may seem like a trivial suggestion but opting for a new cover (especially if personalized) is a practical and quick solution for refresh your device and give it a new look whenever you want.

    Besides, we’re talking about a really negligible cost which (except for specific models) will not reach more than a few tens of euros.

    Finally, for those who are passionate about fashion, it is also possible to purchase a case suitable for every look by choosing from millions of color combinations or creating your own design from scratch.

  • 5. Buying a new smartphone

    Naturally the most “extreme” solution to renew your Android smartphone is buy a new deviceperhaps opting for a different brand from the one you already use, in order to change both the design and the graphic interface.

    We’re talking about one rather expensive solution thatdepending on the type of device chosen, it can also reach rather significant figures, exceeding 1000 euros.

    At the same time, however, for those who are not used to having the same smartphone for too long it can be a way to never get bored and get a new device that is waiting to be discovered from time to time.

    Moreover, in some cases it is also possible give your old smartphone back to receive incentives or sell it in a specialized shop or, even better, send it back to the manufacturer so that it can be refurbished and return to new life.

    In short, buying a new smartphone is the ideal solution for those who get bored easily by always using the same device and who, from time to time, need to change radically and try new experiences.

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