Android Auto, great news for those who have a Samsung

Android Auto it has always been the first smartphone mirroring solution that users have been able to use in their enabled cars. This has been a favorite of many for years now and Google recently released a new beta version that brings something new for the public to enjoy. Within this new update, a small but at the same time welcome feature has emerged.

In fact, some users would have noticed that new versions of Android Auto are now able to show the icons present on smartphones Samsung, including their characteristic shape. The change in icon style mainly applies to apps like Messages and Phone, as well as the signal indicator and battery icon.

Android Auto changes again: Samsung users will notice the new icons

Over time, the software dedicated to cars in the Android world has made several interesting changes. Some very reliable sources have noticed that the icon shapes also match Android phones from other manufacturers. So here are the shapes of the square icons in Android Auto even if a device is paired to the car OPPO for example.

What is reported represents a small change from what users have become accustomed to and at the same time is also a nice touch customization. It is therefore hoped that in the near future Android Auto will be able to apply app icons from other manufacturers and not just Samsung.

Everyone has good hopes as the car system has been reporting many new updates recently. One of these also concerns Google Maps, which for some time now also allows you to save the location of the car park. We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks, also because in a few days we will be in 2024.


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