Android Auto news: Google Cast and video streaming arrives

Android Auto news: Google Cast and video streaming arrives

Yesterday Google has announced some interesting new features for its vehicle operating system, namely Android Auto.

In broad terms we are talking about the possibility of drawing on streaming services and entertainment apps directly on the car, ranging from platforms such as Max e Peacock up to video games like Angry Birds. For safety reasons, all this is accessible only when the vehicle is completely still, following the path already taken with other recent implementations.

Other small updates affect drivers Uber. In fact, small new functions will be available for them to better manage their work and better view navigation directions, all without having to use a smartphone.

Android Auto will be joined by Android Automotive: this is what the new OS will be used for

The latest update for Android Auto also includes a series of tools that, according to the Mountain View company, will facilitate creation of new specific apps for this operating environment. In fact, several software specifically designed for Android Auto could flourish in the coming months.

However, Google has gone even further, also announcing an additional OS for cars. We are talking about Android Automotivean environment that will be able to support Google Cast. In fact, through this solution, it will be possible to live stream content from smartphones or tablets.

Despite this, it may take several months to see Android Automotive on a large scale. At the moment, in fact, the new operating system will only be present on some models of electric cars produced by Rivian.

In the future, the coverage could reach that offered by Google today, with approx 40 car models supportedyes Nissan Leaf up to Honda Odyssey.

The company is showing great attention to Android Auto and, in all likelihood, will offer other interesting innovations in the coming months.

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