Android Auto will warn drivers of incoming bad weather

Google is introducing many updates and many new applications compatible with Android Autoallowing new opportunities for all users who have the system installed inside their car.

One of those additions that could be particularly useful is certainly the application called The Weather Channel. Currently, with over 100 million downloads on the Play Store, it’s really easy to recognize. Over time it has become one of the most popular platforms ever and for this reason Google is offering it to Android Auto users.

The latter will therefore also be able to travel based on what they are weather conditions.

Google offers the ability to travel based on weather conditions on Android Auto

The application with which Google is equipping Android Auto will have the ability to alert users based on unexpected weather changes. If there is a storm, motorists will therefore be able to know in advance by interrupting their journey.

Drivers will also be able to receive hourly forecasts from the system with warnings called “follow-me” it’s a radar where you can view all the forecast weather conditions.

This is one of the many innovations that the company has thought of for its platform dedicated to the automotive world, but it doesn’t end there.

In fact, Google is slowly adding support for Zoom e WebEx By Cisco so that users can participate in work meetings even from their car. Obviously these will only be audio meetings, without having an active video for the sake of attention.

The list of video streaming applications is also slowly growing, with Android Auto now supported Amazon Prime Video. Currently the car manufacturers that support the famous streaming application are Renault and Volvo but everything will be extended soon.

The big news that is currently being implemented in the United States, however, concerns the digital keys of cars, already available in several European countries.


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