On which browsers can the Chrome Web Store Extensions be installed and used on an Android smartphone

Android Chrome Extensions Google Chrome is the most used browser by over 65% of users worldwide, both on PCs and smartphones. Unfortunately, the Android version of Google Chrome does not support extensions; this is a choice made by Google so as not to give users the opportunity to burden the Chrome browser, making it slow on less powerful smartphones.

However, if we need to use extensions in browsers for Android phonesyou can do this by installing a browser that supports Chrome addons or any other type of extension, thus replacing Google Chrome with a more modern browser.

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1) Kiwi browser

Kiwi browser A Chrome-based browser that supports Google browser extensions is Kiwi Browser.

This browser proves to be very fast, modern and expandable. To install Chrome extensions in Kiwi we open a tab inside by writing chrome://extensions in the address bar of Kiwi Browser and activate developer mode.

Once this mode is enabled we open the Chrome Web Store in desktop mode link to install extensions within the Kiwi browser, as if we were using Chrome on the PC.

2) Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox As an alternative to Kiwi and Chrome extensions we can use a browser with dedicated extensionsas an example Mozilla Firefox.

By installing Firefox for Android we can install its extensions, many of which are also available on Chrome. To add extensions to the browser in question all we have to do is open it, press on the three dots at the bottom right, press on Additional components and activate the extensions we want to use by pressing the + icon next to each extension to add.

We saw them in another article best extensions for Firefox on Android.

3) Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser Another browser with extensions that we can use on our Android phone is the Samsung Internet Browserpre-installed on Samsung phones but also installable on many modern (non-Samsung) Android phones.

By installing this browser we can add extensions by opening it, pressing on the menu at the top right, pressing on Additional componentsselecting Download other comps. additional and choosing what to install from the list.

4) Lemur Browser

Lemur Browser Another browser that supports Chrome extensions is Lemur Browserwhich presents itself as the best alternative to Google Chrome among the recommended browsers.

From its menu we can in fact open a session dedicated to extensions, many of which are portings of the extensions available on Google Chrome on PC. If we are looking for a specific extension, it is best to install this browser and see if we can use it directly within it.


If we look for the same extensions used on Google Chrome also on Android phones it is best to install the Kiwi browseropen the extensions page for Chrome PC and install the desired ones, taking into account that however the browser will gradually become slower by adding extensions.

For further information we can read our guides on Chrome extensions to keep ChatGPT always ready and available come on how to install Chrome extensions on Firefox directly from the Web Store.


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