Android, Gemini will help users detect scams easily

Android, Gemini will help users detect scams easily

During the annual developer conference I/O 2024, Google has unveiled numerous new features and functionality related toartificial intelligence. One of these is a feature that, according to what has been shown, will be able to warn users about call scamall while on the phone.

This new anti-fraud feature will be part of one of the new updates coming to Android. Will use Gemini Nanothe smallest model in the Mountain View giant’s family of large language models, designed specifically to run on your device without the need to connect to the cloud.

Anti-scam with Gemini Nano: here’s how it will work

Operation is apparently very simple and intuitive. The system will send a notification if artificial intelligence were to detect “conversation patterns commonly associated with scams“. For example, the user will receive a I notify if someone presents themselves as a bank employee wanting to transfer funds or pay with a gift card. Same thing if someone were to ask users for personal information such as card PIN or password.

Android, Gemini will help users detect scams easily

Google says that every protection process will happen directly on the user’s device, hence the conversation will remain private. Furthermore, the functionality will be activated at the discretion of the public, so if you choose not to activate it, there will be no coercion.

In fact, Gemini Nano guarantees that what happens in the system does not automatically upload to the cloud. Essentially the conversations on the phone will be listened to, but there will not be any type of audio diffusion. At the moment, a fixed release date is not yet known, but Google still plans to provide more details before the end of the year.

It seems to be the right solution for all scam calls that have been able to reduce users’ bank accounts to zero. There will be news soon.

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