Android has a new logo (it's in 3D), and the watermark changes as well

The most recent breakthrough in terms of brand identity Of Android it is quite recent (it dates back to 2019), but today – somewhat surprisingly – it is still changing. After the first traces unearthed at CES 2023 and at Google I/O 2023, there are new confirmations about the new look of the iconic mobile operating system logo and watermark changes.

The Android symbol robot is now in 3D

What immediately catches the eye is the Big G’s operating system logo. The head of the robot that has always characterized Android is now three dimensionalwith greater depth.

After the first appearances at CES 2023 in Las Vegas (with customized versions, such as the one with the pattern of a tire) and at this year’s Google I/O conference, the Mountain View giant has reproposed – almost as a confirmation – the new Android logo design. It’s in 3Das mentioned, because it is a symbol of an operating system that is even “more expressive” today.

Android - New Logo - Google IO 2023

As for the renewed watermark, it should be noted the change from lowercase “a” to uppercase “A”.. Furthermore, the new font used by the Mountain View giant also introduces changes to the letters “n” and “r”, now perfectly rounded.

Brand new logo and watermark have officially popped up in a Google advertisement regarding the applications integrated into the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip 4, Samsung’s two reference smartphones.

Android - New Brand Identity - June 2023

The editorial staff of 9to5Google reached out to a Big G spokesperson, who confirmed that the company is indeed showcasing Android’s new brand identity and that “we’ll be hearing more about it in the coming months.”

Playing with hypotheses, the most quoted one is the following: the three-dimensional head of the robot and the new watermark could appear when starting Android devices starting from version 14 of the operating system.


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