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Android, how to get the most out of screenshots

The many smartphone Android on the market they offer (often) very different versions of the famous operating system.

Each of these versions allows users to use dozens of more or less useful features, among the most interesting of all there is certainly the one for take a screenshot.

Clearly catch one screenshot con Android it is a very intuitive operation and truly within everyone’s reach. What users don’t know, however, is that alongside this “simple” key combination there are many tricks that can significantly improve function itself and let users discover some of its “hidden” potential.

Let’s find out how to get the most out of screenshots on Android.

  • 1. How to take a screenshot on Android

    Take a screenshot on devices with Android It’s simple but, to be honest, there is not just one road to follow.

    In fact, there are several ways to try this function which, it is worth remembering, is the same for all devices with the Google operating system, from the first versions up to the latest Android 14.

    To take a screenshot, simply press and hold at the same time the power button e the volume down button until the screen flashes.

    If the screenshot was taken successfully, top right a small thumbnail will appear which shows the preview of the portion of the screen that was “photographed”.

    From this small window you can share the shot, modify it, delete it o simply open it with the program to view default photos on our smartphone.

    Alternatively you can “pull down” the less the curtain located at the top of the screen and, among the various icons available, tap on Screenshotso that the device automatically captures the photo of the screen.

  • 2. Take a screenshot with a Samsung phone

    The smartphone Samsung they are among the most common Android devices of all and it is not obvious, therefore, that the first suggestions concern the use of this function on the devices of the South Korean giant.

    The classic method that requires the user to press the Power button plus the volume down button also applies to these phones.

    However, it is good to know that they exist Different ways to take screenshots on the devices of the South Korean giant.

    The first includes the classic key combination just described or, alternatively, tapping on the icon in the notification bar. The second, if the option is enabled, allows users to take a screenshot simply opening and closing the palm of the hand on the screen you want to “photograph”

    The third way includes the use of BixbySamsung’s voice assistant to which you can simply ask “Hi Bixby, take a screenshot” and he will immediately execute the command.

    And again, for Galaxy series devices, you can use personalized gestures available in the phone settings to enable and configure according to your needs.

  • 3. Take a scrolling screenshot

    It may happen sometimes that you have to take a much larger screenshot of what appears on the screen, such as an entire web page or your social media feed.

    To do that, that’s enough follow the normal procedure to take a picture of the screen and, when the thumbnail appears at the top right, tap on the Scroll option and from the next screen select the entire portion of the screen to save.

    It is important to underline that this function not available on Google Chrome and you will therefore need to use different software.

  • 4. Take a screenshot with Google’s voice assistant

    As already seen with Bixby, also with Google Assistant it is possible to take a screenshot without touching the screen but simply using voice commands.

    To do this just use the classic formula “Hey Google, take a screenshott”, so that the smartphone immediately executes the command and displays the well-known thumbnail at the top right, ready to be shared or modified according to your needs.

  • 5. Draw and edit screenshots

    One of the coolest features of the screenshot su Android it is the possibility of highlight something on the screen.

    In fact, users can draw on the screenshot o edit the image using the internal editing features.

    Doing it is very simple and, after taking a screenshot with the now well-known keystroke, doing tap on the thumbnail preview will appear edit settings with markers, cutter and everything we can use on classic images.

    Alternatively you can also go to the Screenshots folder inside the image gallery and edit a screenshot as if it were a classic photo, simply by tapping the Edit button.

  • 6. More ways to take a screenshot on Android

    Finally, you should know that on Android it is possible to take a screenshot using customizable gestures by the user.

    However, it is not a native function of every device and, in some cases, you will need to download a separate application to try this feature which, however, remains very interesting.

    Sui Google Pixelfor example, you can do it by going to the Settingson the screen System and selecting the tab relating to Guest. Here just go up Quick touch and enable the relevant function.

    Even the devices in the series Samsung Galaxy they can already use this shortcut via the function Register.

    All other devices can download an application called Tap, Tap which, in a nutshell, simulates this function and many others.

    It’s a pretty nifty shortcut to taking a screenshot on Android but, being a third-party applicationhe could have some compatibility issues with some smartphones therefore before trying it it is advisable to carefully read all the notes in this regard.

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