Android, how to improve the quality of sleep with the appropriate mode

In an increasingly hyper-connected context, it is not uncommon for users (especially younger ones) to stay up late in front of their smartphone.

This behavior, however, can be “dangerous” and contribute to various and possible problems related to quality of sleep. For this reason, not all healthy, but within almost all smartphone Android there is a function called Rest Mode developed to help people create an evening routine which, theoretically, should help them detach themselves from their cell phones in favor of other activities that will help them sleep. Let’s find out more about it.

How Rest Mode works

Before talking about this function it is important to make a premise: Rest Mode does not necessarily mean that it is necessary to go to sleepbut it is also a way to help users put down the smartphone eliminating any distractions.

To do this you can select different device settings which will serve precisely to encourage people to fix it without wasting further time in front of the screen.

For example, you can view the black and white screen, block notifications and even limit the functioning of some appseffectively removing all those “stimulating” features that could make people want to use the phone.

In doing so, therefore, the device “loses its appeal” (with all the necessary exceptions) becoming a much simpler device and much less ready to entice people to use it.

However, one thing must be underlined: this method it was not imagined as an obligation and, clearly, users will be able to calmly ignore smartphone signals and even turn the setting off.

Faced with this, it is clear that at the center of everything there must be will of the people who, to improve their rest and their lives, decide to switch off from their smartphone after a certain time. Without this will, it is clear that Rest Mode makes no sense and, as just said, it can be deactivated as if nothing had happened.

How it improves people’s lives

Sleep Mode, therefore, is a kind of incentive to help the user force yourself to go to sleep (or do other evening activities) by taking your eyes off the phone screen.

This, especially for those who spend many hours in front of a screen for work or fun, is certainly an excellent system for rest your eyes e conciliate il sleep which, as is well known, can be disturbed by exposure to the smartphone before sleeping.

Then it allows people to find time to do other activities, take up a hobby, take a walk or simply spending some time with your loved ones.

Furthermore, creating a routine and sticking to it, defining the time you go to sleep based on when the alarm goes off is a way to rest properly and sleep as much as you need to better face a new day.

Therefore in this sense, we can imagine Rest Mode as the “preparation” that precedes the alarm clock, intervening on people’s habits, building a regularity made up of small gestures and some obvious sacrifices to live better.

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