Android remote control with SupRemo Mobile Assist

The world we live in is becoming increasinglymobile-first“. From smartphones to tablets, mobile devices have become essential tools for managing a wide range of processes and, obviously, they are now an integral part of the lives of private users. SupRemo Mobile Assist is a new application that helps to wipe out all the difficulties in Android remote control.

The software completes the offer of desktop remoto SupRemo, which we have talked about several times in the past. Developed by the Europen Nanosystems, it is now used by over 1 million users a day and allows, among many features, the centralized remote management of entire fleets of machines.

Technicians and IT professionals called upon to offer Remote Support Users who connect from their mobile device have historically often encountered cumbersome experiences that do not live up to expectations. SupRemo Mobile Assist is a software that allows technical staff to log into to devices Android remote providing the required support, on smartphone or tablet.

What is SupRemo Mobile Assist and how it works

Supremo Mobile Assist is an application forRemote Support which allows users to connect and control Android devices from Windows and macOS computers as well as other Android and iOS devices. It is a simple, smart and safe solution to provide technical assistancetroubleshoot and manage mobile devices remotely.

The application guarantees the possibility of offering the remote control in real time on any Android device: IT technicians and administrators can view and control Android devices remotely, as if they had them in their hands.

SupRemo Mobile Assist Android remote control main screen

With a simple click of the button Share access datathe user can share your login details to your device (ID and password) with any tool. For example via email, via instant messaging app, publish them to an online storage service and so on.

The advantages of SupRemo Mobile Assist for Android remote control

The approach used for SupRemo Mobile Assist preserves the scheme adopted for the client intended for other platforms. Compatible with Android 7.0 and later (including the latest Android 14 version), SupRemo Mobile Assist is easy to install e use. In fact, all you have to do is download and install the app on your Android device share the unique ID and the password with the trusted technician who uses SupRemo (both from desktop software and mobile app).

Il advantage The main feature of SupRemo Mobile Assist therefore lies in the ease and versatility of use of the application. The app published on Play Store from Google contains everything you need to request a remote assistance session. Furthermore, the use of data encryption allows you to protect the information sent and received, making it pass through a secure channel. No unauthorized third party can monitor the connection, steal data, modify or damage it.

Anyone who activates a paid SupRemo plan can immediately access and control an Android device via the SupRemo Mobile Assist app, without paying any additional fee.

The main use cases of SupRemo Mobile Assist

An application like Supremo Mobile Assist can be used for different purposes, in business, professional and private settings. We mention the main ones application fields:

  • Technical assistance: IT departments can use Supremo Mobile Assist to provide remote assistance to employees and customers.
  • troubleshooting: Technicians can use Supremo Mobile Assist to remotely resolve issues on Android devices, without having to travel to the user’s location.
  • Device management: IT administrators can leverage Supremo Mobile Assist to manage Android devices remotely, such as installing and uninstalling applications or configuring their settings.
  • Application development: Programmers can use Supremo Mobile Assist to simplify mobile application development and testing. You can easily access your Android devices tester to verify the behavior and performance of the apps, debugging the reported problems.

How to set up Supremo Mobile Assist for Android remote control

By installing Supremo Mobile Assist, you will be pleasantly surprised by how the app allows for simple management of remote Android devicefrom any terminal.

Android remote control add-on installation

In case you need to install the add-on for enable remote control, Supremo Mobile Assist displays a message like the one shown in the figure. In this case, after installing the add-on, you need to assign the accessibility permissions to Supremo Mobile Assist giving “carte blanche” to the application.

Accessibility permissions SupRemo add-on

After assigning permissions, when prompted, you can return to the main Supremo Mobile Assist application then tap the “switch” to the right of the item Remote control. This way it will turn green and the device will be accessible remotely.

In fact, Supremo Mobile Assist provides two possibilities degrees of access to your Android device: Screen sharing e Remote control. In the first case, the technician connecting to the remote Android device can only see what the user is doing. Activating instead Remote controlthose who provide support can interact with your Android device as if he had it in front of him.

Starting an Android remote control session

To access the Android device remotely, the technician only needs to start the SupRemo client for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS or Linux then type the correct credentials on the main program screen. The ID and password are provided by the user requesting assistance.

As soon as the administrator tries to connect, a confirmation message similar to the following appears (Do you want to start broadcasting or recording with SupRemo Mobile Assist?). L’notification area Android also confirms the successful remote connection.

Android Remote Screen Sharing

The following screen depicts the SupRemo client, in this case running on a Windows PC, which allows the control a device Android. As you can see, the remote user has the ability to interact without limitations with the remote Android device. In the example, an intervention is in progress on the Google settings accessible via the Android operating system settings screen.

Android remote control screen

The last button at the top right allows you to end the session remote assistance and close both the client application and the server module running on the remote Android device. At any time, the user who requested assistance can still force close the app from your mobile device.

Interestingly, for all Android apps that support the landscape modei.e. positioning the device horizontally, the SupRemo client automatically adapts, often offering an even larger work area, depending on the applications running.

Android remote control: landscape mode


Supremo Mobile Assist can be downloaded for free and does not require one license. Anyone who connects to the Android device will need to purchase a subscription.

Furthermore, as already highlighted previously, one of the flagships of Supremo Mobile Assist consists in the fact that it can be used without upgrade dedicated to mobile support, as happens with other remote control solutions. In other words, those who have already purchased and activated a SupRemo subscription do not need to separately purchase an additional license to access Android devices.


Supremo Mobile Assist proves to be an excellent choice for all those who need to have aremote assistance application simple, but at the same time powerful and effective, to manage Android devices remotely.

The application, developed by the Europen Nanosystems, offers the certainty of being able to administer Android devices remote without any difficulty. Supremo Mobile Assist is designed to make devices immediately operational, minimizing the time between installing the app and the moment the IT administrator can control the Android device from his remote location.


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