Android TV, watch out for new Triada malware

I box Android TV they are very common in people’s homes and the reason why is also quite obvious: we are talking about devices simple to install, compact and from really negligible pricethree features highly appreciated by users who, consequently, purchase accessories of this kind more and more frequently.

However, while maintaining these three characteristics unchanged, not all TV Boxes are the same and real problems arise when the safety hazardssome data with millions of potential accounts hacked precisely because of one box Android TV.

Here’s what we know about it.

Android TV malware, which devices are at risk

According to some cyber security experts, Android devices at risk are: box T95, T95Z, T95MAX, X88, Q9, X12PLUS e MXQ Pro 5Gm and the tablet J5-W.

In addition to these, experts have tracked down many other devices running Google’s operating system located around the world which, in different ways, could pose a security risk.

We are talking about extremely cheap tools, generally produced in China and then shipped to this part of the world, which would have installed inside them a backdoor based on a malware named Triad.

This virus would infect the devices in question and then allow digital attackers to access the internet to which they are connected, so as to install a further malicious software which, through advertising and scam adscould hack all connected devices by stealing users’ personal data.

According to expert opinion, hackers currently have access to over 10 million home IP addresses and 7 million mobile IP addresses, all of which became infected after coming into contact with a hacked WiFi network.

For now all the malicious apps would have been removed from the Play Store but in any case you run a great risk using a device like this and it is always advisable to be careful.

What to do against Android TV Malware

In addition to the classic recommendations regarding IT securitythe only advice from experts is to get rid of Android TV Boxes immediately affected by the virus, especially to avoid further exposure of their devices with these threats.

Other than that, the usual is always recommended caution while browsing the web and purchasing such a product, it is always advisable to choose recommendable sitespossibly opting for devices from well-known brands and considered, clearly, reliable.

In case of malware “infection” the only thing to do is stop using the TV Box and any other potentially infected instrument, contacting an expert technician as soon as possible who will be able to act promptly to resolve any problem.

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