Angry gamers: they have to pay extra for the PS Plus

Recently in Asia a particular situation has arisen in which it seems that some players have to pay extra for the use of the PS Plus, which is already a subscription that is used to play in complete peace of mind.
Angry gamers: they have to pay extra for the PS Plus

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Sony has long confirmed, in addition to making it real on June 26 this year in our country, the new Playstation Plus program which is already active in some areas of the world. The service, through a periodic cost, guarantees the possibility for players to try different titles for free and to receive important discounts on as many projects at a lower cost.

The major revision of the PS Plus, currently already active in Asia, sees the combination of the Playstation Now service with the one mentioned above and divides everything into three levels of great advantage. The first is called Essentials, and it is the service we have always known, that is with some free games and different discounts, the second is called Extra and includes a library of on-demand games similar to the Game Pass, the last but not least yes calls Premium and gives subscribers access to cloud streaming and games considered classics by Sony.

The new services will require a cost of 100 and 120 dollars per year to be redeemed: if you already have a subscription, the transition will be automatic without any surcharge. In case you already have a subscription, but discounted, you will have to perform a small update.

In this scenario, something really interesting happened as some Asian players complained about a situation that was not notified in time as, for the cost of the Plus they had already paid, they had to pay extra for the difference. compared to the more expensive levels, even if they didn’t ask for it. Another problem is related to the monthly subscription in which there is no price, and which many players use because they are comfortable with this possibility.

This would seem an anomaly as nothing has been communicated, neither through the official channels of Sony, nor through the spokespersons of the Japanese company.


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