With DuckDuckGo and StartPage you can do anonymous internet searches without keeping the history of what is searched.

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Everyone in Italy uses Google as a search engine, although from this point of view there are many valid alternatives. For example, on Microsoft Edge, the default browser of Windows 10, we find the search engine set on Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, which looks like a fairly precise search engine and which now also feeds Yahoo searches.But who wants to refine his results, find things that Google can’t find, look for more precise answers, find videos or sources that are unavailable or not allowed by Google and especially if you are looking for guides or ways of doing things, can do more in-depth research using search engines that respect privacy and allow you to search for anything. Let’s see together the anonymous search engine alternative to Google so that we can broaden the search field when we look for new sources or new videos that cannot be found.

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Guide to alternative search engines

Alternative search engines can be used both as a browser homepage and as a search engine for the browser’s address bar, as they all offer a very high level of integration. If in doubt, just read the first chapter to learn how to set up one of the search engines listed below.

How to change search engine on browsers

If we use Google Chrome, the Google search engine is obviously present everywhere, even in the address bar. To change the search engine of the address bar we open the alternative search engine at least once, then press the top right on the menu with the three dots, let’s go to the menu Settings, let’s scroll down to the menu Manage search engines, click on the three dots next to the name of the alternative search engine to use then click on the item Set as default.
Google engine

If instead, we use Microsoft Edge in version Chromium press on the menu at the top right, let’s go to the menu Settings, let’s open the menu Privacy, research and services, let’s scroll down the page to the section Address bar and search, open the menu Manage search engines, press on the three dots next to the alternative search engine and finally select the item Set as default.

To learn more, we recommend that you read our guide Change default search engine in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

Search engines alternative to Google

The first search engine for anonymous searches is DuckDuckGo, accessible from the official website.

DuckDuckGo has a great value over Google and other similar search engines: it is an open-source and free search engine, uncensored, which fully respects the user privacy without tracking searches e without collecting data to be used for advertising purposes. Being an anonymous search engine, for websites found via DuckDuckGo, it is not possible to identify the user. Furthermore, the results are not influenced, as happens in Google, by previous searches or user preferences.
Depending on the search term, you will be able to view some information at the top that allows you to refine your search with the suggested terms. DDG gets big when looking for the name of a product or service or a company why the first result is always the official website which, sometimes, is also labeled. On the right, you can also get some search ideas to find other related information. Returning to the settings tab, again from the top right corner, you can find out how much DDG is customizable, both in colors and graphics and in the privacy settings. Simply put, you can change whatever you want as you like best.
DuckDuckGo can also be used in a lite version, even lighter and stripped of unnecessary elements. With DuckDuckGo you can also use some very useful command parameters a search other sites like YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, etc. To do this, just write, for example, !Google Pompey to Google the word Pompey or! Facebook How2do to search for How2do on Facebook and so on for many other sites visible on this page.

Another privacy-friendly search engine is StartPage, accessible from the official website.

Unlike other search engines, StartPage does not record user IP addresses and does not share personal data with any external company as it is written on the page with information relating to privacy). StartPage then provides a private proxy which you can use to open any page found by the search, so you can open blocked sites in Italy or subscribe to unavailable services. Using StartPage you can see an excellent relevance of the results for searches carried out with one or two words. The results start to mix and ruin if you search for things using too many words, just like in Bing (but the results are different). Like Bing, if you search for the name of a product or company, the first result may not be the official card of that company or that product but something else useless. Google remains the best in this because, at least among the top 5 results, it should always come up with an official source. StartPage opens each site in a new tab, which is very convenient to avoid going back every time. StartPage also has a phone book and is one of the main sites where find a person’s address and name from the phone number.

Another search engine that respects the privacy of users during searches is Qwant, available from the official website.

This search engine is as fast and precise as Google but with an extremely higher level of privacy, given that nIt does not present any advertising message in the first results and only rewards the results that are more relevant to what you are looking for on the Internet, without favoring those who pay or those who use Adsense.
With the engine you can also search for images, videos, products for sale, music, maps and news; on this last point we can also find information pertinent to the phrase searched directly on the right side.


Although it is still inevitable to use Google and not change the browser’s default search engine, I would give Qwant and especially DuckDuckGO a chance, both because they are anonymous private search engines, both because they find what they can’t find on Google, and because, for some types of research, they offer better results, unaffected by strong powers and censorship.

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