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Antivirus for Mac: why it is needed and how to choose it

Less experienced users of IT security are led to think that theantivirus per Mac is fundamentally useless. Unfortunately, however, this is a real false myth.

On the one hand it is true that i devices developed by Apple have a rigorous system pre-installed antivirus solutions. For example through Security and Privacy settings you can protect your Mac from most external attacks most widespread.

At the same time, however, it is undeniable that there are also virus per Mac: they are certainly less widespread than those that attack i Windows devices. But that doesn’t make them any less dangerous.

This is why it is always fundamental set up your Mac correctly: starting from the settings above, up to theconstant updating of apps and tools.

And at the same time it is advisable install an antivirus for Mac: a protection tool from malware e external attacksmade specifically to perform on macOS operating system.

What are the internal security solutions on the Mac

antivirus per MacOS

As anticipated in the previous paragraphs, i Mac have different in-house antivirus solutions. Or rather, they can be set in such a way as to raise the level of IT security.

The menu to take into consideration is called Security and Privacy and can be reached from the Apple menu and from System Preferences.

From Security and Privacy you can activate the Firewall Of macOS: thus blocking a whole series of connections considered potentially dangerous.

The Security and Privacy settings on your Mac allow you to set the firewall and monitor the permissions granted

Likewise you can enable the so-called Gatekeeper: the system that allows Mac devices to download only a selection of software.

Here the user can choose between downloading only the apps from the App Store Apple owner (the safest choice ever). Or whether to also allow the download of apps created by identified developers.

Nor should the card expressly dedicated to be underestimated Privacy. In fact, here the user can choose the levels permission granted to individual apps installed in the operating system.

Starting from geographic locationuntil reaching theaccess to photos o to the contacts directory. Passing for the connection with the recorder and the microphone or for the delivery of personal information for commercial or analysis purposes.

What are the best antiviruses for Mac

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The criteria to follow for choose an antivirus for Mac they are the same ones that are generally followed to choose any other antivirus. A first fundamental distinction is the preference of a free or paid software.

After that it is important to take into account the possibilities offered by the antivirus: for example in terms of the types of analyzes available.

But also the consistency of its updates. In fact, antiviruses must keep up with the malware and threats IT. For this reason their database should be refreshed as often as possible.

A final criterion to take into consideration is the compatibility with as many as possible operating system updates macOS. And from this point of view CleanMyMac X It’s a great starting point.

CleanMyMac X is a free Mac antivirus, which can be installed starting from version 10.10 of macOS. Its main flagship is its simplicity of use.

Just press the button named Scanto carry out multiple safety interventions: fromsystem analysis all’elimination of malware. Fromoptimization of settings of system to reorganization of space on disk, complete with the elimination of useless or obsolete files.


L’free use Without CleanMyMac a week. After that the user starts using a limited antivirus, but can always switch to paid full version.

Another excellent antivirus for Mac that allows you to take advantage of a long free trial period is VirusBarrier X9. In this case the user can take advantage of a full month, with the satisfied or refunded guarantee.

VirusBarrier X9 also comes with one Quick Scan function: a quick analysis that eliminates all threats independently and the malware detected. Alternatively you can opt for the Full Scan: and’complete analysis of all folders on your Mac.

Finally space for Malwarebytes Anti-Malwarea tool well known to Windows users which is presented in its antivirus version for Mac. Malwarebytes stands out first and foremost for its ability to locate and eliminate him too adware: that is, those software that interrupt Internet browsing with unwelcome advertisements.

The service made available by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is completely free. But to take advantage of the real-time protection and a major database update is necessary paid version.

How online Mac antiviruses work


Mac users don’t have to choose between internal cybersecurity solutions and the installation of a antivirus made by third parties. It is also possible to use the antivirus per Mac online.

This means that you access the antivirus directly from your own browser, without having to install anything inside the device. A good example of online antivirus for Mac is VirusTotal.

Using VirusTotal the user has the opportunity to monitor his files using the information contained in over 60 Between antivirus e antimalware on the market.

Since this is an online solution, it is necessary uploading and downloading programs that need to be scanned. Then, once the operations have been completed, you receive a report: a series of information that they certify safe programs and files. And what they suggest how to deal with suspicious or compromised ones.

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