App Poste or Bancoposta does not work: how to fix it

Has the Poste Italiane app stopped working? Let’s see together what we can do to solve the problem and access the Bancoposta app again

Poste app problem

The Poste Italiane app suddenly stops working? There can be many causes for this malfunction and, in most cases, the problem is only temporary and concerns the Post servers that are clogged or undergoing maintenance. In any case, it is still worth trying some of the most famous tricks for restart the Poste appso as to exclude a priori that it is a problem with our phone.

In the following guide we will show you how to troubleshoot the Poste Italiane app (PostePay or Bancoposta) that doesn’t workfreezes, displays a white screen, closes unexpectedly, does not allow you to complete banking operations or does not allow you to log in with your PosteID account.

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1) Clear app cache

The Poste Italiane app behaves exactly like any other phone app: if the cache is full of useless data, the app could slow down until it crashes completely, thus resulting in non-functioning (it often closes by itself for no reason).

To clear the Poste Italiane app cache from an Android phone, open the app Settingslet’s go to the menu App -> Gestione app (or similar entries), press on the name of the app used (BancoPosta o PostePay), let’s tap on the item Delete data at the bottom and press on Empty the cache; alternatively we can also press on Delete all data (the app will go back to just installed) or use a cleaner app like SD Maid.

On the iPhone, we can only clear the cache by completely uninstalling the app: to proceed, open the app Settingswe press on the menu generalswe press on the item iPhone spacepress on the app used on our device (BancoPosta o PostePay) then press the Delete app key to delete apps and cache; now all that remains is to reinstall the desired app from the App Store and repeat the authenticated access procedure.

On the same subject we can read the guides on how to clear app cache and data on android and how erase data on iPhone and clean up memory.

2) Reset app permissions

On the new versions of Android and iOS, the operating system can automatically remove some unused permissions from rarely opened apps, including the Post Office app; if some permissions are missing, the Post Office app may not work properly or not start at all.

To check the permissions of the Poste app on Android let’s go to the path Settings -> Apps -> App manager (or similar), we press again on the app BancoPosta o PostePaywe press on the menu App Permissions and enable all the required permissions (they must appear in the section Authorize); to make the permissions even more effective, we advise you to also open the menu Other permissions and enable all secondary permissions.

On iPhone we can activate the Poste app permissions by opening the app Settingsby pressing the installed Poste app and activating any switch in the section Allow access to.

To learn more, we can read the guide on how authorize application permissions on android.

3) Turn off private DNS or VPN connections

If on our phone we use a VPN service or a private DNS we will have to deactivate them: these services can interfere with the correct functioning of the Poste app by blocking access to some sections, causing random errors and interrupting banking operations.

To turn off the VPNs on Android and iPhone, simply go to the path Settings -> VPNs and turn off the switch; if the switch turns back on we open the VPN app used on the phone and turn off the encrypted connection.

To turn off the Private DNS on Android let’s open the path Settings -> Connection and Sharingwe press on the menu Private DNS and set it to Deactivated. To learn more we can read the article on how to setup private dns on android.

4) Restart your phone

If all the tricks seen so far have not worked it may be a good idea restart the phone: this operation will delete the temporary files, allow you to restore any connection problems and it will close all open appsso that you can restore the correct functioning of the Poste app.

It is advisable to automatically restart the phone at least once a week, as also seen in the guide on how to make phone restart automatically.

5) Use a different internet connection

Another very simple advice concerns the internet connection used for the Poste app. If we were using a Wi-Fi connection so far, let’s try to use another Wi-Fi connection; alternatively, turn off the Wi-Fi and use the phone data connection to verify the correct functioning of the Poste app.

Of course, the exact opposite also applies: if up to now we were using the data connection, turn on the Wi-Fi and access a known wireless network (such as the home or office network). If we are away from home and cannot try a known network, we invite you to use a secure Wi-Fi hotspotas seen in the guide to app to find free Wifi and free wireless networks on the map.

6) Log in with the Poste SPID

If the Poste app doesn’t work after all these attempts it is highly likely that the problem does not depend on our phone but from the servers of the Italian Post Office. As a last attempt, we invite you to access the Poste app with the Poste SPID instead of the Poste account used so far.

This may unlock access even in case of problems with the Poste login servergiven that the SPID platform is used for access (not managed by the Italian Post Office but by the State and always accessible).


A malfunction of the Poste app it can bring a business to its knees or prevent citizens from paying bills, accessing wire transfers and checking their remaining balance. Fortunately, the problem is not always with the postal servers but is linked to some malfunction on the phone that we can solve brilliantly with the suggestions seen above.

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