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App Store, what to do if our device doesn’t connect

To all owners of iPhone o di iPad you may receive the error message Unable to connect to the App Store.

When this happens, generally, the simplest solution is turn off the device o to connection so that things can work properly again.

If this does not resolve the problem, the causes could be other and may not necessarily depend on the user or their devices.

Let’s find out what to do when your iPhone or iPad won’t connect toApp Store and how to resolve login issues.

  • 1. Check the status of your Apple system

    Be a device Apple does not connect to the App Store, the first thing to do is check whether the problem is with the device or the company server.

    In the second case, obviously, there is little that can be done and the user will not be able to intervene to fix the problem.

    However, you can visit the site Apple System Status and see if any errors are reported.

    If there are errors, the web page will show the services that are not working properly and, if so, all that remains is to wait for the Cupertino company’s assistance to do its duty and fix all the problems.

  • 2. Restart the device

    As with any problem on an electronic device, a quick reboot can help resolve any temporary technical inconvenience, effectively going to reset the system making it start over again.

    Among other things, this solution can also fix problems accessing the App Storeprovided of course that they depend on some system error that interrupted the regular functioning of theiPhone or iPad.

  • 3. Check your Internet connection

    One of the most frequent causes of connection problems to the App Store is due to a Internet connection malfunction.

    To test the line just try browsing any website using it Safari or by updating the feed on one of the social network access applications.

    If it is not possible to navigate, it must be borne in mind that any disservice with Wi-Fi it can be caused by temporary interruptions of the line or perhaps by bad weather.

    First you can try turn the router off and on againwaiting approximately 10 seconds between turning the devices off and on.

    In other cases the problem could also be caused by mobile network. This time too the solution is to try deactivate and reactivate the connection dal Service center or restart the device.

    If despite these attempts the network was working properly but it was still not possible to access the Apple store, the problem could probably be of another nature.

  • 4. Check that the date and time are set correctly

    Among the most common problems with the App Store is the inability to access the service if the date and time are not set correctly.

    Very simply, to solve this problem you can choose to set them automatically going to the Settingsfacing tap su General and then up Date and timeby checking the Set time and date automatically box.

    This feature is generally already set by default on all devices but it may happen that someone has deactivated it causing the above problem.

  • 5. Update the operating system

    An always valid solution to resolve any type of critical issue is update immediately your own version of iOSespecially if there are important updates left pending for some time.

    To do this just go to the Settingstap on Generalare Software update and, if there is an update package waiting, immediately download and install it.

    Generally, in the event of problems of this type, just finalizing the installation of the new version will return the App Store to how it was before, allowing the user to access it normally.

  • 6. Sign out and sign in from the App Store

    Among the various solutions to solve problems accessing the App Store, it is also worth trying to log out and then log back into your account.

    To do this, just go to Settings, tap on your usernameselect the tab Media and purchasing and finally tap the button You go out.

    In this way it will be possible to exit the App Store leaving only yours registered ID Apple principal.

    Clearly it will then be necessary log in to the service again and try to use the store again.

    Alternatively, it is possible Sign out of your Apple ID and return. To do this you always have to go to the Settingstap on own name and then up You go out.

    Also in this case you will need to log in again with your account to continue using your Apple device.

  • 7. Reset network settings

    If despite all these attempts the device still does not connect to the App Store you can try reset network settings.

    Doing so will reset all your connection options default valuesi.e. as when the device left the factory.

    Clearly they will all be lost too your saved WiFi credentials over time and will have to be entered again to access that network again.

    To do this you have to go up Settingsthen up General and tap on Transfer or restore iPhone/iPad.

    At this point you need to select Reset network settings and wait for the device to complete the operations.

    Once this is done, all that remains is to set the connection data (if you use a WiFi network, of course) and try to access the App Store again.

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