App to age your face in photos and change your gender and age

FaceApp and other applications for Android and iPhone to see yourself as an old man or change your race and gender in a photo of your face

Totally changing your face With phone apps we can now create real ones photomontages with your own face and with your own images, pressing just a few keys. With these innovative apps we can apply somatic effects to our face from a photo and age, smile, become younger or change sex.

In the following guide we will show you what they are best apps to completely change the look of your faceusing artificial intelligence features to be able to correctly apply changes to any personal photo or favorite images.

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1) FaceApp

FaceApp The best app that allows you to age your face in a very realistic way, one of a kind, thanks to processing that uses artificial intelligence FaceAppwhich we can download for free Android e iPhone.

After installation, the app opens with the camera and a frame that indicates the position where you need to put your face for the right shot. When the frame disappears you just have to shoot and then wait for processing.

You will therefore be able to see yourself transformed with a smile, a big smile, with a cooler look (the hot effect), with the aging of the face, in male version, in female version and rejuvenated. The various transformations can be saved as single images or in a collage with 2 or 4 photos. At the end, the photo can be shared on Facebook, Instagram or other phone applications.

2) FaceLab

FaceLab One of the best apps to age your face in photos and change your gender and age is without a doubt FaceLabdownloadable for free from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

The app follows many of the features already seen on FaceApp, but presents many more filters and options to completely change the face: we can apply beards of various sizes and colours, apply make-up and enhancements, rejuvenate adult faces, create the cartoon version of our face, change hair style and much more.

3) Redo

Recover Among the best apps that we can use to age the face or to change it we find Recoveravailable for Android and for iPhone.

The app in question uses artificial intelligence to apply our face on different faces, so that we can age or rejuvenate, change sex and age using the models made available. In addition to changing your appearance, you can also change your voice or apply your voice to famous people or celebrities.

4) Edit faces

Edit faces Among the best apps to apply effects on our face and to rejuvenate or age with a simple touch we find Edit facesdownloadable for Android and for iPhone.

This app provides several special filters to apply to any selfie, so you can create new unique faces. In addition to using effects to age or completely change the face, it is also possible to apply artistic and spectacular filters and apply our face on famous people, so as to create fun images ready to be shared online on social channels.

5) Snapchat

Another application that allows you to age your face in a surprising way and with an incredible effect Snapchat, the photo and message social network used by many young people in the USA. With Snapchat it is possible to use live filters to transform the face in various ways and, among these, you can select the one called Time Machine which is recognizable with the split-screen image of a child and an elderly person.

You can then shoot yourself with the front camera and then, once the filter has been selected, using the slider bar to make yourself younger or older.

6) Other applications to change faces

Other free and fun applications that we can use to create effects of facial aging and total change in the features of our face are:

  • Become Oldper Androidwhere you can also add beards, mustaches, wrinkles, glasses and other effects.
  • AgingBootha very popular app for aging your face available for Android e iPhone.
  • Daughterper Android and for iPhoneis a complete face editor to age, rejuvenate and apply any type of makeup or effect to your face.
  • SNOWper Android and for iPhoneis another valid app for creating a realistic makeup effect on the face and rejuvenating faces, aging them naturally or obtaining a totally different look without actually wearing makeup.
  • Cupaceonly for Android, offers the opportunity to cut our face and paste it into various types of faces, using both the prepared templates and by uploading a photo or image on which to paste the cut face.
  • Oldifyjust for iPhoneis a specific app for aging any type of face in a natural and realistic way, adding various degrees of age.

To learn more we can read the guide for look at your old face, in the future.


Nowadays, image editing applications for phones are capable of anything and are excellent for aging, rejuvenating, mask your face in photos and videoseven for swap faces in a photo.

For further information we can also read the article on sites to make photos oldnot as a special effect on the face but just as an aging of the photo (rendered in black and white or with ruined colors).

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