App to blur the background of photos on Android and iPhone

Blurred photos
Most of the photos we publish on social media do not have any kind of retouching, therefore all becoming the same and monotonous with the passage of time. Fortunately, there is no shortage of apps that allow you, directly from your phone and without going through your computer, to retouch photos to make them more artistic and beautiful.
One of the most sought after effects on Instagram and the like is the blurred background (Bokeh), that is that particular effect with which the photo is sharp in the center (where the subject is our face or our body) but blurred behind, so as to throw also an aura of mystery about where we are.
In this guide, we will tell you about the free apps that are useful for blur the background of photos on Android and iPhone, so as to give a touch of class to all the photos we share on social networks.READ ALSO: How to take photos with Bokeh effect

App to blur the background of photos

Below we will find described the best apps able to blur the background of photos already taken and present in our image gallery, so you can intervene later and apply the desired filter level.
The apps allow you to apply the blur filter to the whole photo, but with the necessary precautions, we will only be able to blur the background and thus obtain spectacular photos to share on social networks.


Directly from Google, we can download one of the best photo editing apps for any mobile device: Snapseed, available free for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

To blur the photos with this app, install it on the device, open it, press anywhere to open the photo manager, load the photo to be blurred, press down on Instruments, then on the voice Blur. Once the filter is open, move the dot to the point to be blurred (in this case the background) and modify the action of the filter by moving the screen with two fingers (as if to zoom in).
At the end of the adjustment, press the top right, and choose the item Export to save the new photo with the blur effect.


Another very effective app to blur the background of photos is AfterFocus, available for free for Android but paid for on iPhone (costs € 1.09).

Once the application is started, press the button Album, we choose the photo to edit, we select the mode Manual, then we move the finger on the photo, highlighting the parts of it that should not be blurry and press on Next top right. If the result is to our liking (we can also activate the compare mode, to see the differences with the original photo) press the top right on Save and save the new image in the device memory.


Another very interesting app to edit photos and add a blur effect to backgrounds is Pixlr, available free for Android and iPhone / iPad.

To use this app for the purpose of the guide let’s open it, press on the item Photo, and select the image on which we have chosen to apply the blur effect. Now press the suitcase-shaped icon at the bottom, press on the item Blur, then on the voice Circular, and select the area not to be blurred, also using the slider at the bottom to increase or decrease the blur effect.
As soon as the result is to our liking, press the checkmark at the bottom right and click on the option Done (top right), so you can choose whether to save the photo in the device memory or share it immediately on social networks.


Among the best apps to edit photos after shooting we could not jump Afterlight, available for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

If we have decided to focus on this so complete app, we can apply the blur to the background of our photos by opening the app, selecting the photo to be edited (on Android we will first have to press the postcard-shaped icon), pressing the icon adjustment and finally pressing the diamond-shaped icon.
Now, all we have to do is move the cursor under the item sharpening (blur) to change the blur of the image from the edges to the center (we carefully adjust the blur, so as to get a very nice photo).
At the end of the work, we press at the top right on Done and then on Save (in the same point), so as to save the new photo and choose whether to share it on social networks.

Adobe Photoshop Express

The queen of all photo editing apps can only be Adobe Photoshop Express, the free version of Adobe Photoshop available for Android and for iPhone / iPad.
Adobe Photoshop Express

Once the app has been installed on our phone or tablet, open it, press immediately on Maybe later to skip the Adobe account login (superfluous), press the option Tunnel, and select the photo to blur.
Now let’s proceed with the modification by pressing the settings icon, pressing on the item Clarity and move the cursor down (next to the item Car), so as to choose the intensity level of the blur filter (which will start from the edge to go towards the center of the image).
As soon as the new photo is ready, we press the button at the top Share and choose whether to save the photo in the gallery or share it in one of the supported social networks (we can also directly choose the social app from the list that will open).


The apps that we have indicated to you are undoubtedly the best for being able to blur the background of photos on Android and iPhone with results very similar to professional programs or to changes made by an expert hand. Obviously we should never overdo it too much with the filters applied in post-production, as they easily generate artifacts and risk ruining a great shot!

If we want to blur photos directly online, without the help of programs or apps, we can read our guide on how Blur photos and blur the background by highlighting part of the image.
Do we want to make blurry photos clearer or improve our shooting skills? For this type of needs we have created detailed guides: Focus blurred photos and blurred images are How to take better and non-blurry photos with your smartphone.

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