App to create photo stories and music videos (Android – iPhone)

Free Android and iOS apps to create photo stories, movies, videos with music and slideshow presentations

Photo story and music video app For fans of photo stories and music videos, there are various apps available for create photos with music and very beautiful music videosall great for organizing photos taken with your smartphone in a nice way and sharing them in style.

In the following guide we will show you the best apps to create photo stories and music videosall to be used for free and without limits both on Android devices and on iPhone, so as to take our social profile to a new level.

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1) TikTok

TikTok is without a doubt the best app to create funny short music videos and has been available for free since Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

TikTok is famous for its special effects and filters to beautify photos and thus creating a perfect music videoto be shared directly on the app and made visible to relatives, friends and all those who follow us on our profile or using the social network (they will see our video based on the choices made with the algorithm).

To learn more about the use of the app in question we can read our guide on how to make lip-syncing music videos.

2) Google Photo

Google Photo Even the app of Google Photo allows to create photo-stories, movies and other compositions; to use it, just download the app for Android and for iPhone.

From the Google Photos app, just tap the button at the top right to create one of these compositions by choosing which photos to include. You can also hold down the screen and move your finger to select photos.

The story is automatically given a title depending on when it was taken and where it was taken. The title can be changed by touching it. Scrolling through the album you can add a description below each page. The slideshow movie can be created in a similar way.

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3) GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik Quik is a free app available for Android and for iPhone capable of transforming photos into videos, creating stories with the images taken by the smartphone.

In addition to putting the photos together in a slideshow, you can insert background music as the soundtrack of the movie and use your own music. Eventually the music video can be shared online on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks.

I had also already talked about this app in the collection at applications to take photos with music, sounds or words.

4) Magisto

Magisto Magisto is an excellent app for creating photo stories and music videos in a totally automatic way, with little user interaction. The app has been available for free since Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

The app allows you to immediately load any series of photos saved in the phone and to choose the theme of the video to be made, gradually choosing which style should be desired: with the help of theartificial intelligence the app itself adds visual effects, filters and background music, creating the perfect music video based on our personal photos, ready to be shared on Instagram or TikTok.

5) Video Show

VideoShow We also find among the best apps that we can try to immediately create photo stories VideoShowavailable for download for Android and for iPhone.

The app offers innovative functions for merging photos and videos and creating a unique movie, thanks to the addition of very beautiful elements such as text, music, filters, stickers and emojis, as well as the possibility of recording our voice (to create a video greeting customized).

6) More apps to create photo stories and music videos

On the app stores we really find an infinite number of apps to create music videos, but some are full of ads, limited or uncomfortable to use. The real alternatives to the apps seen so far are available below:

1) FotoPlay it’s a free app per Android easy to use and free that allows you to select photos from the album and create a music video presentation, with the possibility of choosing a song stored in the mobile phone memory and not necessarily one of those proposed by the app. The video story can be saved in high resolution and shared using social networks.

2) Pixgram e Presentation maker are two other apps for Android that allow you to create photo slideshows, selecting the images and inserting filters, labels, titles and a background song to create the video slideshow, free, automatically and very easily.

3) Steller per iPhone it is perhaps the best free of its kind that can be installed from the Apple store to create stories like photo books of the images saved on the phone.

4) Perfect Video per iPhone is another good application that allows you to create video movies with your photos and music.

5) Stories made of photos and videos they are also a basic and native function (but with the characteristic of disappearing after 24 hours) of applications such as Snapchat and Instagram, then also added to Facebook and how status on whatsapp.

6) Adobe Premiere Rush is an Adobe app available for Android and for iPhone designed to quickly create music videos using both photos and videos already on the phone, automating the entire process according to our tastes and needs.

7) Rolls is another good app for Android and for iPhone able to generate music videos starting from existing photos and videos and immediately generating them suitable for any social network (TikTok, Instagram or similar).

8) InShotper Android and for iPhonestill remains one of the best apps for creating photo stories and music videos, given the dozens of filters and effects available.


To create a music video or a photo story, we can rely on some simple apps, designed to be easy to use on any occasion and able to speed up the creation process as much as possible: you upload photos, choose the style and music and sharewithout wasting too much time editing.

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