16 free applications to transform and disguise the voice with a different one or with special sound effects, both for iPhone and Android

Voice changer with effects Among many things you can do with a Smartphonewe can also include the option of recording your own modified or disguised voice.
In practice, you can use applications that work to change the voice with effects or distortions that can work well both for playing pranks and for creating funny audio recordings.

In the following guide we will therefore show you the best ones free apps to change our voice and disguise it on iPhone and Androidto be used during calls to organize pranks on friends and make us laugh whenever we want.

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App to change voice on Android and iPhone

1) Live Voice Changerper iPhone is a true voice changer, free, that allows you to make phone calls sounding like another person using a different tone and background noises.

2) Change voice with effects is one of the best prank apps to record and play back the modified voice with multiple sound filters and effects. For example, the voice can be changed to be like when breathing Helium, like a robot, like a space mutant, backwards, extraterrestrial, drunk, zombie, child, underwater, megaphone.

3) VoiceTunerfrom the same developer, allows you to change your voice using those of cartoon characters.

4) VoiceFX is one of the most interesting apps on this list because in addition to the usual voice changing tricks, it includes unique tools such as the one to change your voice live, listening to yourself while you speak. You can also stream the output to a web browser or media player and even import existing voice message audio files to record them in a different voice.

5) Handy Tools Studio Voice Changer it’s free and provides a catalog of multiple voices to disguise as, with the ability to save audio files to your phone. The app also has several effects specially created for singers to make it sound like it was recorded in a studio or with a choir or theater.

6) voice changer is perhaps the easiest and fastest app to change our voice by applying funny audio effects.

7) change voice it has a modern design and allows you to record a voice, choose an effect and download the audio file. You can trim the recording, share the files and set it as your phone ringtone.

8) Narrator’s Voice it’s primarily a text to speech app that helps you record a reading (perfect for commenting on videos) and with the ability to use voices other than your own. It also has a built-in translator.

9) Call Voice Changer iPhone allows you to call someone by changing the voice with different sound effects divided into categories. There are the voices of fictional characters like Scooby Doo and the Joker, there are animals like the dog and the chicken, then audio recordings in different languages.

10) Voice Changer Plus is one of the most popular apps in the Apple store, which allows you to choose from dozens of funny voices and sound effects to disguise your voice as well as play and sing.

11) Voice Changer+ contains 800 combination of voices to disguise ours and record it using special effects.

12) Celebrity Voice Changer lets you change your voice to sound like a famous person of your choice, just by speaking into the microphone. This is not a cheap voice effect like every other voice changer on the market. So must give this app a try.

13) Crazy Helium Booth is a funny app that also creates a caricature picture as well as change the voice.

14) To create nice messages with the modified voice it is also fun to use the popular cat app My Talking Tomper iPhone and for Androidwhich repeats everything we say.

15) Snapchatavailable for free via Android and for iPhonehas numerous very entertaining voice filters, to be applied in real time while we shoot a video, to be shared later as a story or as a message in a chat or group.

16) Voice Changer Plus is an app available for iPhone able to totally change our voice while talking on the phone or while recording voice notes.


We have so many apps that we can try on our phone for disguise the voice during a call or while making a video for a story or a chat.
Many apps act in real time, so that we can immediately hear our modified voice and play really funny jokes on friends, relatives and partners.

To learn more, we can read our guides on best apps to prank your smartphone (Android and iPhone) and on App to make annoying noises or special sounds.


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