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IPhone data
Modern iPhones have very large amounts of internal memory (even 64GB or more), which we will hardly fill in the life of the phone. However, if we make many videos in HD or 4K or share / download / make many photographs in a single day, inevitably the space available will end before we can notice it. To avoid this situation we can use app to erase data on iPhone, very useful to keep the memory free and continue to use the phone with enough memory to save new multimedia content and new apps.
In this guide we will show you the best apps that we can use to clean the internal memory of the iPhone useless photos, duplicates and app cache files (often very large). In the first chapter we will also show you how to partially automate the process, freeing up space by deleting unused apps.READ ALSO: How to free up space on iPhone

App to clean iPhone memory

In the following chapters we will see how to automatically delete apps when not in use and we will report the apps that can be downloaded from the App Store useful for deleting data from the iPhone.

Automatically delete unused apps

Before seeing the apps to erase data on iPhone we recommend you activate the feature Remove apps you don’t use, which allows us to save a lot of space in the device memory by automatically uninstalling the apps that we haven’t used for a long time. To activate it we open the app Settings, let’s go to the menu iTunes Store and App Store and finally we put the check mark on the item Remove apps you don’t use.
App Removal

With the active voice the older apps will be uninstalled, keeping the data on it in the Apple cloud so that you can install it again in the future and pick up where you left off. To deepen the discussion we can read our guide IPhone space management: empty memory and full archive.

App to clear data

If we want to use apps to recover space on the iPhone, we recommend you try the following free apps, so that you can clean without buying expensive paid apps (very popular in the App Store).

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

If the problem is duplicates of photos or multiple shots of the same subject, we can recover space using the Remo Duplicate Photos Remover app, available for free for all iPhones.
Duplicate photos

Thanks to this app we will be able to scan all the internal memory of the iPhone and thus find duplicate photos and duplicate photos, so that they can be deleted with a simple tap on the screen. Before deleting the app will show us a gallery of the photos found, so we can see what should be deleted and what we want to keep.

Clean Doctor – Clean Storage +

If we are looking for a complete cleaning app for iPhone we recommend you try Clean Doctor – Clean Storage +.
Clean Doctor

This app scans the device memory and will show, in a pie chart, which content takes up the most space. Through the menus of the app we can choose to delete the larger photos, the duplicate photos or the photos that have gone wrong (blurred or in a single color, such as all black photos), delete the videos that are too large or duplicated (very useful to recover space ) and delete the photo screenshots or the double panorama photos, so as to recover a lot of space on our iPhone.
Considering that the app is totally free and without in-app purchases, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that it is the best app of its kind.

Phone Cleaner

Another handyman cleaner to wipe data on iPhone is Phone Cleaner, which is also available for free.
IPhone cleaner

With this app we will be able to view all the multimedia files sorted by size, so as to immediately delete the heaviest ones and free up so much space from the internal memory of the iPhone. Among its features, the filter system also stands out, useful for grouping only files of a certain size or generated during a specific period of time.

Cleaner Pro

If the problem is not the internal memory space but the iPhone address book, full of duplicates or useless contacts, we can install the Cleaner Pro app, available for free.
IPhone cleaner

With this app we will be able to combine duplicate contacts under a single contact, delete contacts without numbers or delete the contacts of which we have only the number but without any associated name, so as to make order in the iPhone address book.

Quick Heal Optimizer

Finally we want to report an app that can optimize the iPhone, clearing both the app cache and the useless apps present in RAM memory: Quick Heal Optimizer.
Optimize iPhone

By launching the app we can immediately check the optimization of the device based on the background color: if the color is yellow, orange, brown or red, just press on the app to immediately start cleaning the phone, which will then come back quickly and quickly as just started.


Even if the iPhone has the reputation of being a very fast phone in any condition of use, the internal memory is not infinite and could fill up quickly, especially if we have less than 64GB of space or we make or exchange many videos or many photos.
To prevent space from running out quickly we can upload our photos and videos directly to the cloud, so as to have more memory for apps and other content; in this regard, we invite you to read our guide on Auto uploading Unlimited cloud phone photos.
If despite cleaning our iPhone remains slow, we can speed it up by applying the methods seen in our guide Speed ​​up the iPhone and optimize iOS.
If we are looking for apps to erase data also on Android, we recommend you read our article on App to clean Android from unnecessary files that take up space.

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