How to download audiobooks and how to listen to books read aloud on an Android smartphone or tablet on iPhone and iPad

Free audio library app Listen to an audiobook it is certainly an innovative and fast way of reading a book, very pleasant and convenient for those who have little time and want to listen to a book while working or studying; alternatively it can be really nice to listen to an audiobook to rest your eyes after a stressful day (which is why you prefer to listen to the book instead of reading it).

In the following guide we will show you how to download audiobooks and how to listen to them on any phoneindicating the best free apps for the purpose.

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1) Audible

Audible Audible is the best audiobook listening app available for Android and for iPhone.

The app is based on the Audible service managed by Amazon (a security in terms of quality of books and audiobooks) and presents different methods to access audiobooks: in fact, we can buy every single audiobook (thus adding it to our virtual collection) or use the subscription (for €9.99 per month) for immediate access over 70,000 audiobooks.

In addition to audiobooks we can also find i most popular podcaststhus bringing together in a single app our desire to hear and know things with the most engaging narrative voices.

For those interested in trying it out, they can sign up for a free 30-day subscription, in order to try out the service properly and choose whether to keep the subscription or cancel it without any constraints.

2) Google Play Store

Play Store On Android devices we can listen Free audiobooks directly from the Google Play Storethe store integrated into all smartphones.

To take advantage of this opportunity, all we have to do is open the store app, log in with a Google account (if we haven’t done so up to now), press down on the menu Books and finally press on the card Audiobooksthus obtaining a list of free audiobooks of any genre (from fantasy to thriller through detective stories and love audiobooks).

There are also paid audiobooks, accessible at a very attractive price (at least for those who appreciate the author or the narrator).

3) Google Play Books

Google Play Books Other than play store we can listen to google audiobooks using the app Google Play Booksavailable for Android and for iPhone.

The app provides access to all ebooks and audiobooks also viewed from play storewith a slightly different look and a built-in player: we can in fact read or listen to books directly within the app, grouping all our books or audiobooks in our personal library (accessible from any device).

Also in this case we will have some free audiobooks and the best paid audiobooks; the last category obviously includes the most recent and famous books, where we will also find the narrative voices with the highest quality (professional voice actors already heard on TV or in films are often used).

4) Apple Books (iOS)

Apple Books iPhone and iPad owners can listen to audiobooks using the app Apple Bookscreated directly by the Cupertino company and optimized for listening on all Apple devices.

This app provides access to thousands of audiobooks (many free) to listen to with the player included inside (similar to the Music app, but optimized to handle audiobook scrolling).

The main advantage of the app is certainly the synchronization: using our Apple account it is possible to start listening on the smartphone, resume it on the iPad or Mac and then return to the iPhone, with a continuity that will certainly please all owners of Apple devices.

5) Other audiobook apps

In addition to the apps seen above, we can try one of the apps in the list below to listen to new audiobooks for free or on subscription:

  • StoryTelper Android e iPhonewith a subscription of 10 Euros per month.
  • Scribd, per Android e iPhone with free trial.
  • Audiotekaper Android and for iPhone.
  • Amazon Kindleper Android and for iPhonecan provide access to audiobooks with Kindle Unlimitedat a cost of 10 Euros per month.
  • LibriVox Audiobooksper Android offers a catalog of free audiobooks to listen to directly.
  • Voice Audiobook Playerapp per Android completely free and open source, with special features such as bookmarks, playback speed control, automatic pause and many other useful features.
  • Bookmobile Audiobook Playerper iPhoneoffers an excellent audiobook player, without frills and with all the functions necessary to manage chapters or to repeat playback by several seconds.
  • Libbyother valid app per Android e iPhonethere is a large collection with many free audiobooks.
  • Audilibri per Android is another book reader that has a catalog of free audiobooks to choose from.

Let’s try them all and listen to all the audiobooks we want, without spending anything or choosing only the services with the best subscription.


Audiobooks are great and we can also listen to them for free using i free catalogs or free subscription trials available for all main services. Certainly the best of all is Audible, but the audiobooks included in Android and iPhone apps also deserve a chance.

We remind you that even voice assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant) can read audiobooks, as seen in our guides to best voice assistants to use on your phone and at best Alexa Skills to activate on Amazon Echo.


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