Do we want to add hair or completely change the face in the photos? Let’s see the best apps that allow you to change faces with AI

AI face change

The artificial intelligence accessible from the phone apps allows us to replace or modify a face with disarming ease: in a few simple taps we can change hair, hair length, face color and even change the entire face, using a command prompt on the all similar to the one seen on ChatGPT.

Thanks to some innovative, online and free tools, it is possible replace or change people’s faces in a photo with artificial intelligence.

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1) Picsart


The best app that we can use to replace or modify a face with artificial intelligence is Picsartavailable for Android e iPhone.

After downloading the app we provide access to the phone gallery, select our photo to modify or on which to place the new face, press the button at the bottom Instrumentswe press on the instrument Replace AI and we use our finger on the screen to highlight the whole face or the part of the face we want to modify or beautify.

After completing the selection, press the button Replacewe type in the text field what we want to replace (typing hair, new face, the name of a VIP or whatever else comes to mind) and finally press on Generate image.

After a few minutes we will see the result of our request, with the AI ‚Äč‚Äčimmediately applying the requested changes to the face; with the free version we can make 3 face replacements every day.

2) Redo


Another valid app for replacing or modifying a face with AI is Recoverprobably the best of its kind and available for Android and for iPhone.

The app offers various options for change faces both within photos and videos; all we have to do is upload the favorite photo or the photo to edit, choose one of the available templates and wait for processing by the server, which will produce a very realistic effect of union between the photo and the chosen template.

In addition to simple face replacement we can also make paintings sing, change faces and sing in a new body, exchange voicesgenerate new funny memes and discover new hair styles by copying them onto our photo from various models available online.

3) Dream Face

Dream Face

Among the funniest apps for replacing or modifying a face with artificial intelligence we find Dream Faceavailable for download from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

The app provides various face editing tools, with the ability to make static images sing, change faces and make our faces sing on famous peoplechange the voice of VIPs with ours or animate the videos in which we are protagonists, choosing from thousands of songs to sing or have your favorite faces sing to.

4) (online)

If we are looking for a free site capable of replacing a face with artificial intelligence, the best choice is

On this site we can upload any type of photo or image and choose one of the faces available below; we can choose between female faces and male faces, all adaptable to the photo simply by pressing the button Select.

After choosing the face to replace, press the button Swap Face Now and we wait for the end of the processing; we will obtain a very realistic face change, thanks to the artificial intelligence engine used to perfectly match the faces and hair to the original photo.

5) (online)

Another great site to replace or change a face with artificial intelligence is Pixble.

This site, compared to the previous one, allows you to choose the two faces to join together, using artificial intelligence to merge them into a single face. To proceed, press on Try for freewe select the first photo to use, wait for it to load, load the photo to use to replace the face and press the button Face Swap.

In a few minutes we will receive a new photo with the new face, which will represent the perfect union between the photos of the faces uploaded previously.


There was no doubt that artificial intelligence would happen sooner or later used in all face change apps, given the precision that can be achieved with the new AI.

With a simple app or a customized site we can upload our face and exchange it with another of the prepared models or by uploading another photo, obtaining a complete and very realistic modification or replacement.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to get face transformations in photos and videos with AI and on sites for making quick online photomontages with faces.


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