App to send your location or be followed in real time

How to send your location and follow the movements of others on any Android or iPhone mobile phone or smartphone

See friends location When we have to meet someone or if we have to go somewhere together, instead of wasting time giving verbal directions or caravans of cars one behind the other, we can use a smartphone to conveniently send the location and allow friends to follow her, so that we can all find ourselves together.

In fact, some apps allow you to send your exact location and show it on the mapothers instead connect people together and allow them to see each other, in real time, on the map, to be followed or to know where your friends are and where they are going.

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1) WhatsApp

The most used app to send your location is without a doubt WhatsAppavailable for Android e iOS.

Within this app, simply open a chat with a contact or in a group, tap the attachment button inside the text field, press the button Position and choose the voice Actual position.

You can too share real-time location on Whatsapp. If we want friends or relatives to follow all our movements in real time, we use the voice Location in real time to track all our movements for a limited period of time (we will choose the time and, if necessary, stop sharing in advance).

It is currently one of the most practical and fastest ways to let people know our location, given that WhatsApp is widely used by everyone (young people, very young people, adults, etc.).

2) Telegram

Another very popular app with which we can send the location is Telegram, available for free Android e iOS.

To send the position to friends or relatives we will have to follow a procedure identical to that seen on WhatsApp: we open the chat with the contact or group to which we want to send the position, press on the paperclip symbol (Attachments), we select Position and use the button Send my current location to share our location and Share current location (updated in real time)also choosing for how long we have to share our every move.

Telegram is certainly less well known than WhatsApp, but its innovative features and functionality have increased its diffusion, so it is better to immediately learn how to share your location in case you need to provide this type of information.

3) Google Maps

share your location with Google Maps in real time it’s pretty easy and being a maps and directions app, it becomes perhaps the most precise solution.

By opening the Maps app, all we have to do is press on the position displayed on the map (the blue dot), then use the voice Share your location and choose, among your Google contacts, who to share your location with in real time (by setting a maximum sharing time or leaving it active until deactivated).

The chosen user will only have to open the link received and use Maps to monitor all our movements. If instead we wanted to send only the current position, we click anywhere on the map (even near the blue dot) and select the item at the bottom Shareso as to provide the coordinates of the place we are in.

Any other navigation app can provide coordinates to send to our contacts or in our chats; To use other apps other than Maps, we invite you to read the guide Best alternative map apps and sites to Google Maps.

4) Find My Friends (iPhone)

Only on iPhone can we install the app Find my friendscapable of managing the sharing of the location with some trusted contacts and displaying on the map the location of friends or relatives who have agreed to have their movements monitored on the map, activating the specific option in the Where is menu of their iPhone.

This function is also available directly from the Find My menu or by opening the Maps app on iPhone, but using only this app we will have everything available without having to open a thousand different menus, as well as being able to immediately see the movements of our friends on the map.

To learn more we can read our guide on how to locate a friend with iPhone to know where he is.

5) Facebook Messenger

If we have a lot of friends on Facebook and want to share our location with them, just use the Facebook Messenger app, which is also available for free for Android e iOS.

By opening this app all we have to do is go into a chat with one of our contacts, press on the options menu at the bottom left, select the item Position and press on Share your current location (it will be valid for 60 minutes).

If, however, we wanted to send directions to a specific place, just press the red button, so as to add a bookmark on the map and share our position (without real-time tracking).

On the topic we can read our guides on Facebook Messenger to share location and movements in real time in chat and how Share your exact location on Facebook with “Friends Nearby”.

6) Other apps to share location

In addition to the apps already mentioned we can try one of the recommended apps in the following list to share location with friends and to follow relatives in real time:

  • Life360per iPhone e Android, is an app dedicated to the family, so you know the location of each person at all times, all the time, not just for a meeting or an occasion. Obviously all members of the group must have the application installed, must have GPS enabled and authorize location sharing. Maybe it’s a little excessive, but it can be perfect for knowing where our little son is at all times.
  • Glympseper Android e iPhone, is currently another popular app for sharing location from mobile. With Glympse you can locate your location and send it as an SMS to a phone number or via email or even via Whatsapp. Whoever receives the message does not need to have the app installed, they just need to open the link to find out where the person who sent it is. Sharing expires automatically after a pre-established time, so as not to allow friends to spy on us even afterward.
  • Any parental control app allows you to view the location of relatives, monitoring where they are at any time.

Let’s try them all, so that we can choose from time to time which app to use to locate friends or relatives.


To send your location from your mobile phone or be followed in real time, there are so many apps availablebut we have preferred to point out those that are safe or managed by serious and well-known companies, so as to minimize the risks regarding privacy.

However, we try to use these tracking systems sparingly and share such sensitive information only with trusted people or close relatives, to avoid stalking or similar phenomena.

Always on the same topic we can read our guides to Best apps to use on the go, outside the home, in the city.

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