App to speed up the internet on Android

6 applications that manage to increase the internet speed on the data and Wi-Fi connections of an Android smartphone

Internet Android There are many on the Android Google Play Store applications capable of push your Internet connection to the maxbut not all of them work well or do exactly what they promise: many times these are just advertising apps that do not optimize anything and do not really allow you to speed up the Internet on Android.

Some apps instead offer immediate benefits on the connection, increasing the speed of page loading or the speed of connection to websites or streaming appsregardless of the type of cellular data network we are using at that precise moment.

In the guide that follows we will show you in detail what the real apps to speed up the internet on Androidcarefully avoiding scam apps and installing on our phone only the apps that allow you to get one fast browsing and download speed.

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1) Faster & Safer Internet

The first app we recommend you try is by CloudFlare.
App Cloudflare The app, once active, creates one network connection with WARP protocol, completely similar to a VPN (without saving personal data); this connection allows to obtain faster DNS requests (tramite server DNS, allows you to speed up navigation on the mobile data network and offers protection from attempts to address malicious sites. All these advantages allow to obtain a higher browsing speed, especially on the LTE or 5G network.

With the WARP + subscription (completely optional) we can make the connection even faster: with it, in fact, the compression of the navigation data and the use of the fastest DNS servers are also activated, so as to be able to obtain an incomparable speed (up to 30% faster in loading pages).

2) Mozilla Firefox

As a fast browser in viewing web pages we can use Firefox come browser per Android instead of Google Chrome or any other.
Mozilla Firefox With the basic settings Mozilla Firefox offers an average loading speed (equal to that of Chrome), but at any time we can speed up the loading by opening the app settings, pressing on the menu Advanced Tracking Protection and activating the option Restrictive.

In this mode Firefox will block many trackers and unnecessary cookies on web pages, slightly speeding up the loading of pages. To get the best result it is advisable to combine the app with the Firefox restrictive settings seen in the previous chapter of the guide: like this we will get a much faster browser than Chrome and any browser on the market.

3) Advanced Download Manager

If we download a lot of files from the Internet, the app we recommend you use to speed up downloads on Android is Advanced Download Manager.
Advanced Download Manager With Advanced Download Manager we will be able to make downloads (from browsers or from apps that support link sharing) at a higher speed, thanks to some optimization tricks and quick download.

Usando Advanced Download Manager each downloaded file will be divided into a maximum of 9 fragments and each fragment will be downloaded independently from the chosen server: this trick allows you to speed up the download of files to any Android smartphone or tablet. The app’s interesting features also include the download resumes, the network change management system, the scheduler (to schedule downloads at specific times and dates) and the division of downloaded files by category.

4) Net Optimizer

Another app that we can use to speed up the Internet on Android is Net Optimizer.
Net Optimizer Net Optimizer is an Android application created to automatically configure the network connection, so that you can always get the maximum speed.

With this app we can configure the fastest DNS now, speed up links to websites and reduce lag in online games, as well as quickly switch network signals between Wi-Fi and data networks (based on speed and available ping). The app works well with both Wi-Fi networks and LTE and 5G connections.

5) DNS Changer

If we don’t want to use the app we can rely on an app like DNS Changer per change DNS servers and browse faster.
DNS Changer With DNS Changer we can apply your favorite DNS servers (such as those offered by Google) to speed up the loading of web pages, without having to manually change the connection parameters.

The app works well for both Wi-Fi and data network connections: in the latter scenario they prove to be very useful, since it is not easy to change the DNS servers offered by the telephony operator.

6) Speedify

Another serious app to speed up the Internet on Android is Speedify to combine wifi and data connectionone of the oldest solutions of the group but still very effective today.
Speedify This app combines Wi-Fi connections and data connections to offer a single connection, so that you can take advantage of both at any time to download data, to open web pages and to surf the Internet at maximum speed, without compromising the phone stability.


As we mentioned in the introduction, there aren’t many apps to really focus on to speed up the Internet on Android. The ones we showed you above are all tested and certified apps, able to really speed up navigation on web pagesspeed up loading of video streaming apps and downloading larger files.

If our Android phone is always slow (even when opening apps), we can read our guides how to speed up android on every smartphone and how have Android fast and without Lag.

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