App to train and develop your musical ear

To develop or train our musical ear we can practice with apps or dedicated sites; Let’s find out together what they are

Music training apps and sites

The musical ear can be easily trained using apps and sites capable of developing the areas of the brain dedicated to listening to sounds and recognizing each single sound. By training our ears we will be able to correctly identify each instrument and improve the recognition of our favorite songs (“at the first notes”).

Here we have collected another series of interesting and particular apps, free of charge, which allow you to develop your musical ear and can be used by everyone, by musicians and even by children who want to learn about music.

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1) Perfect Ear

Perfect Ear

To get started with musical ear training right away, we recommend you try the app Perfect Earavailable for Android and for iPhone/iPad.

The app is structured to train the ear and develop the recognition of every sound and every musical instrument. Includes customizable training exercises for intervals, scales, chords and rhythms, system for creating custom scales, chords and chord progressions for practice, theory articles, melodic dictation exercises, sight reading exercises, perfect pitch exercises, tuned singing exercises and a complete dictionary of scales.

2) Relative Pitch

Relative Pitch

Another app that should not be missing from the package dedicated to aspiring musicians is Relative Pitchdownloadable for Android and for iPhone/iPad.

This app allows you to listen to sounds and guess the type of sound and the pitch of the sound, an exercise that is often recommended to those who are starting their musical journey or want to get to the conservatory. The app can also be used simply to test one’s ability to recognize the pitches of sounds, perhaps challenging friends in a “competition” to recognize sounds.

3) EarMaster


To get serious and develop your musical ear we can try the app EarMasteravailable for Android and for iPhone/iPad.

The app offers a real course for musical sounds, moving from the use of the pentagram to the recognition of each individual sound, with the challenge of also having to identify the pitch of each individual sound and instrument. The various training systems on rhythm, on the tools to remove or put on and on the various keys are really very useful.

4) Functional Ear Trainer

Functional Ear Trainer

Another valid app for training your musical ear and becoming good with sounds is Functional Ear Trainerdownloadable from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

The app provides various exercises with which to recognize the type of sound emitted, with an increasing and well-calibrated difficulty, designed to help everyone develop their musical ear. The most demanding can also create their own series of exercises, in order to keep trained with the most difficult notes.

5) Sites to develop your musical ear

Theta Music Trainer

In addition to apps for Android and Apple devices, we can also rely on valid Internet sites to develop our musical ear.

It is definitely the most complete site to use Theta Music Trainer. The site is very simple to use and provides music games, complete music courses, manuals for music fundamentals and systems for recognizing the pitch of sounds, the repeated rhythm and the game where you can correctly recognize musical instrumentsreally useful for discovering the typical sounds of each instrument.

Another site that we can use to develop our musical ear is theoryin which there is a section called Ear training in which we find exercises to learn intervals, notes, chords, scales, melodies, rhythmic dictation and an exercise dedicated to tonality.


With these simple tools we can develop your musical ear for free from home, without having to attend dedicated courses (however recommended if we start with music from scratch). Apps offer the possibility to practice both from the phone and from the tablet, while the sites are excellent for practicing when we are in front of the PC.

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