App to try lipsticks, eye shadows, blush and makeup on the screen

Virtual full makeup test on your mobile using different types of lipstick, blush, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, dyes and hairstyles

Face makeup app Apps for trying out makeup have now reached a very high level of detail, thanks above all to augmented reality technology and artificial intelligence, which allow us to mirror ourselves on the phone screen and see ourselves wearing makeup in real time thanks to instant filters.

In the following guide we will show you the best apps to try makeup on your face with lipsticks, eye shadows, blush, mascara or eye contour, so as to know in advance which cosmetics and make-up to buy and how they will appear on our face.

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Best apps for trying makeup on your face

1) One of the best apps that we can use to try makeup on the face is FaceAppavailable for Android and for iPhone. This app allows you to easily edit any photo or shot with the phone’s front camera and apply, in real time, different levels of make-up, thus obtaining a made-up and defined photo of yourself; in addition to makeup, it also allows you to rejuvenate your face and apply effects to your hair (for example to try out various hairstyles).

2) Candy Camera it is the best camera app that we can use on Android come on iPhone to apply makeup on your face in real time. The app offers a detailed section for trying out makeup, so you can modify your lips, face and eyes with various shades and color details.

3) B612 AI Photo is one of the best photo editors designed for those who want to virtually apply makeup on their phone. The app is available for Android and for iPhone and, in the section Makeupoffers a large choice of colors, shades of colors and parts of the face to make up, with a very realistic effect.

4) SNOW is another great app for Android and for iPhone which uses artificial intelligence to apply filters and effects to any photo or any shot, including that of our face. By opening the camera section, just use the front camera to frame your face and use one of the makeup effects present or rely on the section full of virtual make-ups to try.

5) Facetune Editorper Android and for iPhone, is an image editor designed to edit the details of faces captured with the camera or present in some selfies. With this app we will be able to apply blush, brush, lipstick, eye shadow and other types of make-up in a precise and realistic way, choosing the color and intensity of the make-up applied virtually.

6) BeautyPlus per Android and for iPhone e iPadis a special app that allows you to do a makeup test, for free, on your mobile phone, without having to bother from home, in a realistic way. As well as being able to try different types of make-up, in particular for the eye contour, foundation and eyelashesallows you to try real lipsticks which you can then buy in beauty shops. There are many products and the possibility to try the different colors of lipsticks available from brands such as Sephora, Max Factor, Armani, Bobbi Brown, Lancome, YSL and other brands.

7) Youcam Makeup per iPhone e per smartphone Android, undoubtedly the most popular app of this type, which allows you to test your makeup virtually in real time, as if you were in front of the mirror, as if there were an expert who could show you the various possibilities, the colors with many different eye shadows, mascara, eyeliner, eye pencils, lipsticks and then also accessories, clothes, hair styles and accessories such as hats and glasses. It is a complete app with a profile to remember your preferences and share the tests you have done, also ideal for making yourself more beautiful in selfie photos.

8) Sweet Selfiealso to do a free makeup test on your mobile phone, for Android, is the perfect example of this type of app, perfect for taking a selfie and using an automatic enhancement effect on the face that can eliminate any imperfections or add a line of makeup to the lips, eyes, cheeks, eyebrows and skin. You can use quick shot to take several photos at once, choose the best one and then apply a beauty makeup effect to make it look its best.

9) Perfect365 is an app designed specifically to apply face makeup in photos and in real time with the front camera. The app is available for Android and for iPhone and boasts so many makeups that it is a point of reference for anyone who wants to wear makeup, also thanks to the presence of over 20 famous makeup brands (which replicate the effect of real makeup even in photos or in augmented reality), so you can choose the best makeup for our face even before purchasing them.

10) AirBrush it’s a photo editor app, for Android e iPhone, which uses artificial intelligence to be able to modify any type of photograph or shot in real time. Also in this case all we have to do is access the section Makeup and apply one or more effects among those present, so as to try the makeup on the face with various levels of intensity and color.


Putting on virtual makeup can help many women and girls find the perfect makeup without having to immediately purchase the products, using selfies or the front camera to try virtual makeup on your face and see if the colors match well with our skin and the details of the face (eyes, lips and cheekbones).

For further information we can read our guides on best apps to be more beautiful in Selfie photos and you have sites for online make-up, changing your look and trying out makeup and tricks.

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