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Smartphone apps that allow everyone to watch movies for free

Watch movies for free For those who are passionate about films and TV series, it is no longer necessary to always be in front of the TV, given that it is possible to access large catalogs of video content directly from the phone, using the most famous streaming apps.

Instead of accessing the site of the chosen streaming service in a web browser it is therefore convenient use dedicated streaming appsso you can watch a film or the long-awaited episode of a TV series directly from your smartphone or tablet.

While in another article we saw what the sites to watch movies in streamingin this guide we will see the best apps to watch free movies from Android and Apple devices (iPhone and iPad).

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1) Rakuten TV

The best app that we can use to watch new movies for free is Rakuten TVavailable free of charge for Android and for iPhone/iPad.

On this app we can watch films for free with advertising, without necessarily having to sign up for a subscription (however available for those who want to access all the films contained in the catalogue).

For this app, it is sufficient to register for the service to immediately access the films offered exclusively for free, but we will have to be willing to put up with the advertisements present during the viewing (often very numerous): a small price to pay in order to maintain the service active and be able to continue viewing free content.

2) RaiPlay

Another app that we recommend trying is RaiPlayavailable for free download for Android and for iPhone/iPad.

In the app we can find a vast collection of films (divided into categories and genres) broadcast over the years on the Rai networks and visible without any time limit. Once you have chosen the content to view, just click on the button Play it to start playback.

In addition to on-demand content, it also allows you to watch Rai channels live, so as to be able to effectively replace a television (for example by using a 10 pollici tablet in the bedroom, making the purchase of a new television unnecessary).

4) Mediaset Infinity

If the film we saw was broadcast in the past on Mediaset networks, we can also find it on the official app Mediaset Infinityalso in this case downloadable for free from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

In order to correctly view the contents of this app it is necessary to register for a free Mediaset account; we can create it quickly from within the app (by clicking the button Log in) or from a PC, using the dedicated link.

Once registered we will have access to live Mediaset television channels, a choice of free content and the possibility, with the Infinity+ subscription, to preview new films, TV series and documentaries; in addition to the subscription, it is also possible to rent some preview content, so as to be able to see it before it is broadcast on television channels.


Another free app for watching streaming films, TV series and especially Japanese cartoons and anime is VVVVIDavailable for download for Android (Android) e per iPhone/iPad.

To access the app we need a free account, which can be registered directly from the app or from the website which can be reached here -> VVVVID registration.

Once the account has been registered, we enter the credentials into the app and go to the section Film, so you can view the list of available films (most of Japanese origin). To search for new films we can use the categories at the bottom of the app, choosing by genre, by letter of the alphabet or by choosing the most popular.

5) Crunchyroll

Also for fans of Japanese anime we can take a look at the app Crunchyrollavailable for download from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

The app offers a vast catalog of Japanese anime, offers the possibility of broadcasting new episodes of the most popular anime after 1 hour of broadcast in Japan and also allows you to download films and TV series directly to your phone, so you can watch them offline (without connection Internet).

Crunchyroll is available as a free trial for 14 days: after this time you need to subscribe to Crunchyroll Premium to be able to continue watching without advertising and with the possibility of using the account on up to 6 devices at the same time.

6) YouTube

The YouTube app also collects many free film titles, including quality ones. To watch these films just open the app YouTube su Android (often already integrated into the phone or tablet) or download the app on iPhone and iPad (directly fromApple App Store).

In most cases it is sufficient to start a search with the keywords “complete film”, “full movie” or similar to find many films, to watch for free without limits.

Con YouTube Premium we can see these videos even without advertising, so as to avoid sudden interruptions while watching.

7) Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is probably the best streaming service, since the subscription is included in Amazon Prime (annual or monthly subscription). Amazon Prime Video can be downloaded at Android come on iPhone/iPad.

In recent years, Amazon has constantly updated the catalog to make it attractive to all enthusiasts, with new Amazon exclusive contentthe addition of new TV series and the possibility of watching Champions League matches at no additional cost.

Some contents are accessible through Amazon channels (Amazon Prime Video Channels), which offer access to other exclusive multimedia contents by paying a small surcharge on the subscription; these channels are optional and do not affect the viewing of content already present in the traditional subscription.

8) App to rent or purchase films

With the apps seen so far we will have access to the entire catalog of films simply by paying a monthly subscription; but if we wanted rent a movie online for a short period of time or better yet purchase it, we can use one of the following apps.

  • CHILI (Android e iOS): another app where you can rent films, many of which have been released at the cinema in just a few months.
  • YouTube: The YouTube app also allows you to rent and purchase legal movies, all you have to do is reach out the right channel and use the payment methods provided by Google Pay.
  • Google Play Film (Android e iOS): the purchase and rental of films is available with prices starting from €2.99

We choose the best service and immediately start renting or purchasing our favorite films, so we can watch them whenever we want.


Now we know which apps we can download to watch free and streaming movies, choosing between apps with free services and paid apps (subscription, rental or purchase). Obviously the best services are the subscription onesbut for those who don’t want to spend too much, valid free services are also available.

From this list we must obviously exclude all sites that clandestinely upload films to online platforms, which are always illegal. For further information we can also read the guide above how to watch all streaming (Netflix, Disney+, DAZN, Infinity+) with TimVision.

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