Apple: 500 million fine coming due to music streaming

Apple: 500 million fine coming due to music streaming

Per Apple 2024 hasn’t started off in the best possible way.

After the problems linked to a new British law, the Cupertino company has to face the accusation ofUE regarding the violation of European laws regarding access to the streaming musicale.

The ongoing investigation, the outcome of which is expected to be announced early next month, could cost the tech giant a fine of 500 million euros. According to what was leaked, the investigation of European Commission is examining whether Apple has used its position to favor its own services at the expense of its competitors.

Antitrust is examining whether or not Apple blocked apps that advertised cheaper alternatives of music streaming compared to what is proposed on theApp Store. What apparently started the procedure was a formal complaint made to the authorities by Spotify.

If the outcome of the investigation goes against Apple, the company will face a record financial penalty in relation to the disputes between the EU and tech giants.

Apple, in addition to the DMA, must also manage the issue of music streaming

Despite what has been said, this is not the first time that Brussels has targeted a big name in the tech industry. Googlewith a series of fines, has in fact collected a total of 8 billion euros to be paid into EU coffers.

Apple, on the other hand, has never had to deal directly with the EU, however having to face a heavy fine from France in 2020 (1.1 billion euros, later reduced to 372 million after the appeal) for deemed conduct anticompetitive. On the other hand, Brussels had already made a similar accusation against Apple in 2021, only to later withdraw the accusation.

Certainly, given the tensions surrounding the application of the Digital Markets Act, this trouble doesn’t happen at the best possible time. Apple, like other names in the sector, will certainly have to modify (quite a bit) its way of operating in the old continent to comply. Specifically, the one already mentioned should undergo the most changes App Store and the browser Safari.

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