Apple, a chatbot with generative AI is being tested internally

Apple, a chatbot with generative AI is being tested internally

While artificial intelligence is growing more and more and the main giants are starting to sell them to companies, too Apple would be developing its own strategy. This would concern a generative artificial intelligence, at least as reported by the main sources.

In fact, the giant would be making a great effort to develop a technology within the walls of Cupertino that is able to compete with ChatGPT. Internally, in fact, Apple would be developing a chatbot with generative AI that someone would already call Apple GPT. The project is based on a framework called “Ajax” that has been around since 2022: the company creates it for some projects based on machine learning.

Apple challenges ChatGPT, a generative AI would be developing in Cupertino

Sources report that they have already seen some results of the Ajax project, which is currently being used to develop generative AI. Apple would have already implemented improvements related to artificial intelligence for search, within Siri and on maps.

The use of Ajax will serve to create relevant language models and to act as a foundation for the chatbot. Obviously it won’t be as easy as you think, since the system would require special approval to be used.

There are also gods limits: each resource coming from the aforementioned system cannot be used to develop functions intended for the area consumer. The project is therefore in progress and the top management of Apple would be happy to be able to carry it forward. In fact, it is enough to think that this could be the means to solve some problems that Tim Cook he would point out during a May earnings call.

Apple’s number one believes that in fact artificial intelligence is an excellent opportunity. Tim also plans to continue integrating AI into products, albeit very carefully.

Currently there are very few news about it, especially for an official launch. However, the company continues to develop something that the world was unaware of, but which can only help.

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