Apple AirTag 2 will arrive in 2025 with some interesting new features

The issues concerning the AirTag of Apple have been in the public domain for some time now. Over the last few days there has been discussion about how devices useful for tracking the position ended up in the eye of the storm. Some would even have defined them as perfect for stalking and therefore absolutely dangerous.

Obviously the technology made available by the Cupertino company is the one that everyone knows, which can then be used according to one’s own purposes. At the same time, anyone who has been waiting for the new version of the product will have to be patient a little longer. According to a report published in the last few hours, in fact, even during 2024, AirTags will not be obsolete at all.

AirTag 2 coming soon? Absolutely not: we are talking about it in 2025 according to experts

Predictions regarding the arrival of the next version were recently published by an analyst who is very knowledgeable about Apple’s plans. In fact, he believes that we will have to wait until 2025 to see the new AirTag 2. More precisely, we will have to wait for the first or second quarter.

Just last year there was talk that shipments of the product would increase. Actually, come on 20 million of AirTags shipped in 2021, we have moved on to well 35 million in 2022. At the time, rumors leaked that, if the units to be shipped increased further, Apple would think about a second version.

Indeed, 2023 could be the key year to make the Cupertino giant think about launching a new tracker. But what new features will the new AirTag 2 bring?

The most obvious improvement will be in the search for precision, which currently reaches a maximum of 10-15 meters. This mode however, thanks to the capabilities of the iPhone 15, could go up to 60 meters with a second generation product.

In any case it seems that we will have to wait a little longer as the current product will still remain the only one for at least another year.


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