Apple almost closed a deal with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18

Apple almost closed a deal with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18

The keynote is now less than a month away WWDC, a regular event during which Apple presents all the new versions of its operating systems to the public. This year the spotlight is also and above all on the many chats AI functionality which the Cupertino giant, according to rumors, will integrate into iOS 18 and in the other OS. In this regard, it could also be included in the vortex of news ChatGPT.

A chatbot based on ChatGPT among the AI ​​innovations of iOS 18

Based on what we read in the latest report from BloombergApple is reportedly finalizing an agreement with OpenAI to bring some of its technology to the iPhone. Thanks to this partnership, the Californian giant will have the necessary tools, i.e ChatGPTto offer a AI chatbot to its users.

There is nothing official yet (and the negotiation with Google could therefore still be ongoing), but the US news agency has few doubts about it. «A deal with OpenAI would allow Apple to offer a popular chatbot as part of a suite of new AI features the company will unveil next month“, it is read.

Mark Gurmanknown signature of Bloombergexplains that “the two parties are finalizing the terms of the agreement to bring ChatGPT features to iOS 18“. As regards the Mountain View company, the journalist reveals that “Apple has also spoken to Google about using its Gemini chatbot.” but the deal “did not lead to any agreement“.

Apple - iPhone con AI

Speaking of the AI ​​functions of iOS 18, according to more than recent rumors, they will be partially powered by proprietary data centers with Apple Silicon processors, probably M2 Ultra. Other features still remain in the field of rumors, will be performed directly on the device and will guarantee the maximum in terms of privacy and security, an issue very dear to Apple (and its users).

The appointment with WWDC24 is scheduled for Monday 10 June. If an agreement is reached with OpenAI, it will likely make its own separate announcement on the same day.

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