Apple and Google collaborate to identify suspicious trackers

Apple and Google collaborate to identify suspicious trackers

Google announced a collaboration with Appleto avoid the abuse of tracker Bluetoothsometimes used to persecute people.

A new specific call was born from the synergy between the two technological giants Detecting Unwanted Location Tracker Of iOS 17.5through which it will be possible to identify AirTag (and similar devices) placed suspiciously. Google, for its part, is working to make the system Find my device potentially less intrusive, with a network that will be shared with the Cupertino company.

As for iOS, Apple says that an iPhone will be able to alert you if a suspicious tracker has been spotted, all through an on-screen message like “[nome dispositivo] found moving with you“. After detection, your phone will activate a audible notification to help reveal the device more easily.

Not just Apple and Google: other companies will also adopt this new standard

Following the example of the two companies, also manufacturers such as Chipolo e Motorola, they decided to follow this path. In fact, the new products will adopt the same standard with the next generation of accessories produced.

As already mentioned, Android will also become part of the shared network, using the same specification. This move will undoubtedly be appreciated by users, given that the privacy issue has long been debated on both ecosystems.

Android, in this sense, introduced a new one a few months ago photo selector able to offer greater security with regards to confidentiality. Apple, for its part, seems to have changed course after some questionable policies from the point of view of privacy.

On the other hand, the tracking issue, with devices like AirTag, represents something very delicate for both platforms.

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