Apple announces that it has started new research on tinnitus

Apple announces that it has started new research on tinnitus

Yesterday Apple announced a new study regarding problems withhearingspecifically focusing ontinnitus.

This phenomenon, quite widespread, turns out to be a sort of persistent noise that disturbs those affected by it. According to a recent report drawn up by the Cupertino company, approximately 15% of people interviewed suffer from tinnitus and, of these, the majority of these problems have a negative influence on the perception of sounds. The investigation, carried out byUniversity of Michiganinvolved over 160,000 participantsoffering a complete overview of the most common hearing problems.

Those who suffer from this pathology describe what they hear as the whistle of a kettle or something very similar. Tinnitus appears to be affecting more and more people, even at a young age. What seems to cause damage to the hearing system is one overexposure to noiseoften caused by the abuse of headphones and earphones. And it is precisely in this direction that Apple seems to want to move, that is, finding ways to avoid the onset of this phenomenon.

Research on tinnitus and more: Apple is involved in various health-related studies

Rick Neitzelprofessor of environmental health sciences at the Michigan School of Public Healthconfirmed the usefulness of Apple’s study.

The investigation, according to Neitzel, is showing what the population groups most at risk, making it easier to focus efforts to stop, or at least block, the spread of tinnitus. For the expert, the data collected in the report offers a complete demographic overview and, by combining this data with current scientific knowledge, it will be possible to make important progress regarding prevention.

For Apple, this type of information will be useful for proposing technological solutions in products such as EarPods e AirPods. On the other hand, for the technological giant, studies in the medical field are anything but new. Searches like Apple Women’s Health Study (dedicated to reproductive health) e Apple Heart Studyrepresent an important part of the company’s medium-long term projects.

In view of the next Worldwide Developers Conference in June 10thFurthermore, there are rumors of some possible news regarding AirPods that could concern the health of users.

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