Apple considers Android a giant tracking device

These are not simple times Applealthough it is the highlight of the year following the launch of the new iPhones, new Apple Watches and new MacBooks.

The United States Department of Justice recently published new elements of the ongoing antitrust trial that includes dealings with Google. One of the most important exhibits consists of an internal presentation attached to an email that Eddy Cue allegedly sent to Tim Cook in 2013.

Apple believes that Android is a huge tracking device

The email would detail how the company competes with Google on privacy. The most important point of the email in question is a single slide that says: “Android is a huge tracking deviceo“.

From here, with the next slides, a real comparison arises. Apple explains how its approach to privacy is better than Google’s. The Cupertino company says it combines data between services only when it is sure it is offering a better customer experience, unlike Google which instead combines data from all services regardless.

Other examples include the strong data linking inherent to Google’s voice search. These are in fact strictly linked to a user’s Google account, exactly the opposite to Siri. In fact, Apple’s vocal assistant lets the results of voice searches be linked only to the digital assistant.

In short, the ongoing process through which investigators affirm the existence of agreements between Apple and Google regarding the search engine has turned into a game of open cards. The relations between the two factions have never been idyllic and probably won’t be in the future either, especially after what has come to light.

It is clear, especially after that slide, that Apple believes Google and Android are not up to par when it comes to the privacy of their users.


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