Apple could use Gemini for the AI ​​features of iOS 18: the negotiation with Google

Apple could use Gemini for the AI ​​features of iOS 18: the negotiation with Google

Which AI functionality will include Apple in iOS 18? We have been talking with some insistence about the alleged imminent debut of the Cupertino company in the generative artificial intelligence business for months now and today comes a new indiscretion according to which a negotiation is underway with… Google.

The usual thing was done to reveal the plans of Tim Cook and his associates (not officially confirmed, of course). Mark Gurmana well-known and reliable signature of Bloomberg. According to the journalist, who cites sources who are aware of the situation, the one between Apple and Google and it would be an “active negotiation” which could allow the first to get on licence Big G’s large language models so you can use them for power new features coming with iOS 18. Before Google, Apple would also discuss a similar solution with OpenAI.

Google Gemini

Based on the rumors circulating, the Californian giant is trying to establish a collaboration with Google aiming for cloud-based generative intelligence, useful for example for creating text and images. Things Gemini is capable of doing. At the same time, however, Apple is also working on its features for users will be able to run directly on the device.

The negotiation would still be ongoing and may not even come to fruition. In the event of a positive outcome, however, it would be an expansion of the already solid existing relationship (the one for the default search engine on iPhone, iPad and Mac) between the two companies.

Looking at the rest of the industry, Google has partnered with Samsung in February to bring Gemini’s synthesis capabilities to devices in the Galaxy S24 range (Note and Voice Recorder apps). Samsung also uses Imagen 2 for editing functions in the Photos system app. These features require server-side processing, but the South Korean giant can also count on an on-device version of Gemini.

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