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Apple Diary, how to use the app introduced with iOS 17.2

With the update to iOS 17.2 Apple introduced a new application which has already aroused the interest and curiosity of users who own iPhones and other devices of the brand. It’s called Diary (o Journal) and is a tool designed to allow people to take notes, write down events and reflections, memories, photos, videos and audio and everything that may be useful for reflecting on their life and improving their well-being.

The information can be organized on the application in an intelligent and orderly manner, so that you can find it easily when you feel the need to consult it. AND an extremely safe tool, which protects the privacy of those who use it. Let’s discover its features and how to use it.

Apple Diary, all features of the application

Diary is the new iPhone application that was released by Apple to all iPhone owners with the introduction of iOS 17.2. It allows you to write texts and insert multimedia elements, including audio, photos and videos. But it doesn’t end here. More details can be added, such as songs, news, podcasts and everything that may be useful to make the content complete and preserve memories in the best way.

Once completed, the annotations are saved to your device and can be consulted at any time. Consultation is made simple by filters and bookmarks, which allow you to identify the content to open in just a few seconds.

During content creation you can receive personalized suggestions, which are processed based on the user’s activity with the device, for example through recently taken photos or music listened to. It’s a way to provide insights and is the ideal feature for those looking for inspiration.

If you want to make writing a habit, you can set notifications on a daily basis invite the user to jot down their thoughts.

Privacy comes first: the contents created on Diario are all encrypted and it is possible to add a high level of protection by requesting a security code or using other authentication methods to access the app.

How to get started using Apple Journal

To start using Apple Diary you need update your device to iOS 17.2 and then launch the app. Upon startup, a presentation of the application is shown. Once logged in you can start writing your first notes.

If you don’t have any ideas, you can be inspired by the suggestions. These can be activated and customized. Using the filters, you can find the notes made over time by searching for them through the photos or videos inserted. Each content can be edited, bookmarked or permanently deleted.

By accessing the Settings of the device and by selecting the Diary app you can set notifications, select a writing time, protect the diary, delete suggestions and much more.

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