Apple focuses on a new design for iOS 18, the revolution for iPhone

The launch of iOS 18 is approaching and Apple is preparing to revolutionize the design of its iPhones. The company will officially announce iOS 18 at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), annual developer conference to be held in June 2024. In those days we will be able to find out all the planned changes, the new features and the new introductions in detail, but some news has already leaked.

Generative AI-powered tools, more efficient search tools, design changes, and more. Let’s find out what awaits us with updating to iOS 18 and when it will be available to all iPhone owners.

iOS 18, the new features for iPhones

Announcing the redesign of iOS and the release of the update in the coming months, which will introduce the new Apple operating system, was Mark Gurman, correspondent for the Bloomberg news agency, an expert in technology and new devices. Apparently, it’s expected a revolution in iOS design which will appear on the company’s devices starting this year.

In addition to a redefinition of the design, the introduction of new features based on artificial intelligence for Siri, for Spotlight search and new shortcuts that will allow iPhones to keep up with the times and competitive with devices from other competing companies on the market.

What we will witness could be one of the most important changes for the company, the biggest iOS revamp in years. Apple developers, according to initial rumors, are completing a extremely ambitious project.

The announcement and release of further information about Apple’s operating systems will most likely take place in June at Worldwide Developers Conference . The update to iOS 18 could be available as soon as possible from September 2024 with the launch of the new iPhone modelsthe iPhone 16.

The latter will come out already equipped with the iOS 18 operating system, while the other iPhones will have to be updated. Even older models, such as the iPhone Xr and the iPhone

News also coming for macOS

The innovations planned by Apple are not limited only to iPhones and iOS 18, but also involve macOS, the operating system company developed for Mac computers.

The company also plans to update macOS, but while work on iOS 18 is already well underway, in this case you will have to wait longer. The new design and new features won’t be ready until 2025 or 2026.

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